Angelfish male or female

  1. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    I have two Angelfish and am unsure what sex they are.



    The marble one will not be still.
  2. Airth Member Member

    Top one looks like a male and bottom one a female. We'll see what others think. =)
  3. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    The top one has a protruding forehead and the other sort of straight. The marble one used to be the biggest, but not anymore.
  4. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    The only way to be sure is when their breeding tubes are showing. Pretty angel fish and welcome to the forum. Alison
  5. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    They have tubes, but they will not be still for the camera. Any other time they will be still, but pick up a camera and all bets are off.
  6. Airth Member Member

    Can you describe what their tubs look like? A females will be rounder and a males will be more pointed I believe.
  7. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    OK. I must have a male and female. The silver one has a pointed tube and the marble one has more of a level, straight across tube. Wow! I may have a pair!