Angelfish, lemon tetras, and Cory cats in a 29g??


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Okay, so I currently am cycling a 29 gallon tall tank and I’m going to moderately stock it with plants, and I was wondering if I could add a single angelfish to it. I’d also be adding at least 6 JuliI (or false Julii, I don’t really care which) cories. I was also wondering if I could add a small school of lemon tetras, but idk if that’s going overboard.
I heard some people saying that 29 gallons are too small for angelfish but that’s all I could afford for now, do you think I’d be able to pull off putting 6-7 juliI corys, an angelfish, and 6 lemon tetras?


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My answer won't be the most popular one, but In my opinion yes. That will work. But nothing more.

You'll get a mix of answers regarding keeping a single angel in a 29g. You're going to have to just decide what you think is best.

If it grows into an above average sized angel, you may decide it needs more space. But you can make that choice as it grows. Some don't get as large as others. Especially the more fancy strains. (Not always of course)


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I had a pair in a 29 for about 6 months - it works in the sense that they were stunted but by the time I moved them out they really were too big for the tank. It just depends how large they get. I have a single platinum in the 29 now because it hasn't been growing much (it is about 1/2 the size of the others @ same age) and I thought given it a more gentle environment it would be able to eat better. On the one hand it really is eating but on the other hand since no one is there to bully it - it is now becoming a bit of a bully (I have 6 white fin tetra which it ignores and a pair of young gold rams that it doesn't esp like). Mind you it is still pretty small - if it gets healthy and grows a bit I'll give it to the lfs - i'm not going to put it back in the larger tank since it can't compete.
My point is that it is likely that in a year your angel will out grow the tank - it just won't have enough room and you'll notice because it will end up in awkward positions and perhaps splash you every time you go near it.

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