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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Sly-Fox, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Ok. So the ich had come i've read the inch treatment thread and started to up the temp a lil each hour. I'm on my phone right now so this will be short. If there is a form I can out please point me towards it. I'm just looking for some ways to help this fish out thank you

  2. w_boughnerValued MemberMember

    You doing unmediated or medicated treatment ??un medicated is the safest wai but takes more time!! Even better if you get a uv steralizer you wont have to wory about ick or any other parasite hurting your fish ever again !!!

  3. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    I was planning on doing w/o medacations I just don't know if my heater is up to par. I really wanted to because I don't want to have to put that stress on the fish...just gotta change alot of water.... I'm going to look over the thread again just to be sure I read everything right. I've never heard of a uv steralizer before I'll have to look it up...

  4. w_boughnerValued MemberMember

    What info do you have there's not really a hole lot to know about ich treatment .... Get your temp up to 86-90 and do a gravel vac every other day for two weeks .... If you can't get your temp up enough just continue gravel vac for another week or two the lower the temp the more gravel vac's ... Some people believe that getting your temp up realy fast shocks or kills the ich but I think that has more negitave affect on the fish than anything ... Ick is a pain but easy to treat as long as you catch it early enough .....

    Good luck
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  5. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Well this is my first time with ich really so I'm a lil nervous lol. Basically the info I have on Ich is what is in the sticky on naturally curing it rather than with medication. I think i have caught it early enough to do something about it pretty quick, but I still wanted some advice. Ive let the water warm up at like 1 or 2 deg over like a 2 hour period its about at 86 now.
  6. lizzjValued MemberMember

    I have used microbelift herbtana. It is all natural and it worked. I love the stuff. I use it when I add new fish and when I do large water changes. It doesn't harm the beneficial bacteria.
    Good luck treating your fish.
  7. w_boughnerValued MemberMember

    I understand being nervous about dealing with your first bout with ich but as many fish keepers here will tell you you will have many more bouts with it as you go on as a fish keeper fiewer and further apart with more experience but it's going to happen ... This is why it's good to take 10-15 minutes every day and closely observe your fish to see any changes in apperience ,colour and behavior for signals that something's up in your tank
  8. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Ok so I've been looking at uv steralizers for like the last 3 hours.... Adding one now would it help to kill the ich? I've been looking at the ones at my lps and I'm looking to get one as soon as i get some cash in my pocket. Also I was wondering if it would kill my cycle. As for my fish... The little angel has soo many ich spot now its crazy... but hes not darting or flashing and he seems like hes coolm as a cucumber. The cories and plecos don't seem to have it. Also I was wondering if adfs (african dwarf frogs) could contract the ich. Thank you guys for all your input. I know I can beat this with time.
  9. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    This is not accurate. UV sterilization would not eliminate every parasite that could harm fish. There are many parasite that would not be affected one bit.

    African Dwarf Frogs can not get ICH. Treating for ICH with an ADF in the tank can be a little risky for the frog. Do you have a quarantine tank?
  10. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Well yes and no... I do have a tank that I could use for a qt but it is not setup atm. I'm not doing a medicated treatment I'm just upping the temp its around 88 right now is that harmful to the frog? If so, I will set up the qt tank for him tonight. As for the uv steralizer would it kill the ich? I would really like to know and I still plan on getting one anyway. Which sicknesses would it keep away and which ones would it not affect?
  11. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on one. It can't prevent anything 100% It would affect any free floating ICH but anything already on the fish or in the substrate wouldn't be affected.

    African Dwarf Frogs don't like to go much over 80. I wouldn't keep my frogs at 88 for 2 weeks. One thing to consider, if you put your frog in QT. Do not just drop him in to a colder water. You need to acclimate to the new temp.
  12. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Of course, I know about the temp being a major part. Thanks for letting me know about the frog that could of ended badly. I will start setting up his tank tonight. Luckily I have a filter in my big tank keeping a cycle for just this situation. So a UV steralizer is kinda pointless in your eyes. Also I have no idea on how my tank got ICH. The lps told me that there is ICH in all water its just a matter of your fish being stressed enough to get it. Is that correct or do they not have a clue? The ich seemed to have started after I added my corys to the tank... which these cories I've had since I started in the hobby almost 2 years ago...They have never shown signs of sickness. They just recently got bumped up to the big tank in hopes that I'm going to get more after my Ich epidemic is over with. Thanks for the info on the froggy, and with everything else... If it weren't for forums I'd be lost.
  13. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    ICH is usually present in most tanks. ICH really isn't all that scary, pretty easy to get rid of. If you wanted to use a medication, Kordon Ich attack is all natural and safe in most cases. Wouldn't use it on the frog though.
  14. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Well, the frog has been moved to a smaller around 7 gal tank. I used the main tank water just because hes already been in it for awhile and this way I don't have to acclimate him to a lower temp... Thanks for the frog info.
  15. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I agree and disagree. I agree on a macro level, in that many people have infected fish and are unaware.

    I disagree, because once a tank has been successfully treated for ich, it does not come back unless it's reintroduced.
  16. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    This is why I said most, not all.
  17. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    There is a school of thought that ich is ever present - I thought that's what you meant.

    I used to think that, but after more in depth research and experience, I no longer do. A sure fire way to bring about an ich infestation is to cool the water. That stress gives the parasite an edge, so it spreads, becoming visible. I have 10 tanks with fish in them - if there was ich in any of them, it would have surely manifested itself after 3 days at 60 degrees after the hurricane. But, I treat all new fish for ich while in quarantine, and there was no occasion of it. A couple years back, I had a show tank come down with ich. However, some of the fish in the tank were added before I started doing mandatory treatments. I subsequently treated the rest of my show tanks, as they too had fish that did not get a heat treatment while in quarantine.
  18. Sly-FoxNew MemberMember

    Well today I went on a mission to find some kordon ICH attack... After going to 3 stores and being told that it wasn't in production anymore I went to another lps and they had good news. They have ordered me some kordon herbal ich treatment which is the same as the Ich attack I was told. Every other place I looked only had medications with malchite green in it... So now I have some back up if I need it. As for the ich in the tank could it be introduced through water changes or would it have to be from a fish that is already a carrier?
  19. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I tried that stuff once - didn't work. But I hear it does for others.

    It would not have been introduced by a water changes. It came from a carrier fish.

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