Angelfish Fry Genetics

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    lynnk New Member Member

    i have a silver with black striped females and a marbles koi that have mated for the first time. they are at the wiggling stage n the bottom of the breeeding box but any who can anyone tell me what mine would more than likely look like? she was bredding with me black marble before he is not a koi but they never seemed to go any further than laying them. we always lost them so she decided to breed with one of my other males this time
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    catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you post pictures of the pair? Silver with black stripes could be a silver or a zebra. And there are far too many marble variations to begin to guess.

    Congrats on the wrigglers.
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    lynnk New Member Member

    i have pics already posted