Angelfish food

  1. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a food for a flagfin and a keyhole, that both would love to eat? The flagfin is eating fine and so is the keyhole. The problem is that the flagfin is eating the pallets that I feed them but the keyhole is not. He grazes at the rocks, but I think that might not be enough for him.
  2. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    All the fish shoud get fed variety of food, especially salt water fish. Rather than feeding one or two varieties, try using as many different food as possible. Ther are many dried and frozen food avail and among those there should be food specifically formulated for angels (not that these are complete diet for them). Well, at least I had medium freezer dedicated to store pretty much all the foods avail on the market and Homemade food.

    I believe longevity of fish in captivity depends on water quality, foods and their ability to socilaize (compatabilty, lol)and size of tank.

    Uless tank is very matured Reef, tank may not have/grow enough of proper algae for angels to graze and sustain themselves.There are many hobbyist who uses concept of refugium to grow algae (Macros) to be used as food and these algae will keep the water in check in return

    Always included bits of Green Seaweed (NORI) from Asian Supermarket (lot cheaper than one from lfs) in non reef tank with angels and tangs and other grazers.
  3. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    What foods can I feed them that contain sponge?
  4. cerianthus Well Known Member Member

    Although Fz Angel Formula by Ocean Nutrition does claimed to have sponge as one of ingredients but I used to use all the frozen food avail to make sure they get varieties of food. Always had Nori on every feeding but never on feeding clip. Either that will swap rocks from reef/refuge with different algaes and sponges thus they can have more natural diet as well. Of course to do this, one needs many tanks.

    I dont know your set up. Do you have sump/refuge?

    btw, I am sure there are other foods available on the market now which contains sponges but I dont know much about new or very recent products.
  5. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    Just to update on this thread, my Keyhole Angel did not make it. My Flagfin is doing great in one of the 55's and is strsting to have some white coloration on the rear-bottom fin. Can't wait to see the black and purple on him, hope he makes till he gets big (hopefully 10"). He is going to look great on my big tank.