Angelfish fighting


8 months ago I had started a freshwater tank and had 2 angelfish. 1 large marble and 1 smaller silver. The marbled was always picking on the silver but nothing to be alarmed about. It was mainly territorial and an alpha behavior. After awhile, I had separated them because I wanted to start a tank in my daughters room. So, I split them up. The silver got bigger. About 2 months later, I wound up having to put the silver back with the marble and now the silver picks on the marble constantly. Bullying him, just picking on him. I was thinking about going and getting a few more angels to try and stop the silvers aggression. What do I do? I hate to separate them again.


What size is your tank? Is there visible damage being done?
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Yes, the size of your tank - we need to know that

Also, do you have any other fish in the tank with the angels? If so, what fish and how many?


Weird as it seems, this sounds like angelfish payback.
When I got my guys the other day, I had 4 angels in a plastic bag with a pleco. The pleco was NOT happy, and thrashed around the bag a lot while I acclimated them. When I finally let them into the tank, the pleco shot right to the side and stuck himself there. And I swear to god one of the angels he had smacked up in the bag came up behind him and nipped him right in the tail!
Ergo... angelfish payback!!!


I too have the same problem!!! Just started with this new hobby of having fish in my home and as happy as I was seing this made me very sad.
Got an angelfish on wednesday and yesteday got another, but the 3 day old one is chasing and picking on the other but I don't know why? Both came from the same tank in the pet shop. I heard about territory but wouln't the mater settle down yet?
p.s . I have a 120 ltr tank and have 2 clown -loaches and 2 tetras


sought the problem out!!!! I went and bought 2 more angelfish (a bit bigger in size) and now everything is ok!!!

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