Angelfish fighting or mating

So I have a two young angelfish (about 10). I think one of them is a male and the other one is a female because, the "male" would often times fight with another "male" which eventually stopped eating and died (that was about 4 months ago). Now the two angels keep "flirting" but I'm not sure if they are mating or fighting. They aren't swimming close to each other but neither of them are hiding. Are they just too young and don't know what exactly they are supposed to be doing? Is there a way to say for sure that these fish will pair off and breed or just keep on fighting. They are in a 180l tank with a lot of plants and hiding places so I don't think that it's a territory problem.
If it is a male and a female then yes they probably are starting to mate. When my angels started breeding (this was like 3 years ago so I don't remember that well) they would do this thing where they would basically kiss each other with full force. The female will usually test the male for a while through some form of fighting but eventually they become in separable.

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