Angelfish Eggs Question


This is my first post so please bare with me if I'm not asking in the right location. My angelfish laid eggs yesterday afternoon, and this is my first time to try and hatch them. I moved them to a hatching jar with methlyene blue and an air stone yesterday evening. Everything looked good today and only had 8 white eggs. I have seen lots of information about taking the eggs out of the methylene blue before they hatch. Just now when I was moving the slate with the eggs to a new jar with fresh water, I realized that I had not declorinated the water! I quickly moved them back to the jar with methylene blue and conditioned the new water before moving them again. I'm so worried! Do you think I have hurt them???


Greetings and welcome to Fishlore

I have only raised angel eggs/babies with the parents so I can not help in this


If they don’t turn white they are probably ok.

Going to jump into the angel breeding arena soon but plan on letting the parents raise them, initially anyways.

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