Angelfish diet ? Help

  1. fresh water Member Member

    What does everyone feed there Angelfish? Mine only seem to like flake food and blood worms. I use 6 differnt kinds of flake Cobalt, Spirulina its the green flake, Omega One natural protein formula, Omega One super color which are very small pellets, TetraMin, and Tetra Color I was told it is good for the Koi Angels because of the extra Carotene. Also i think i always tend to over feed mostly because they always seem hungry, so for an adult Angel how many dime sized flakes would one Angel need in a day? :;thx ( i feed twice a day at 4pm again at 8pm and a different flake each time, blood worms once a week and Kent garlic twice a week on food )
  2. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I feed my angels once every other day, they normally get NLS thera + A , but they are piggys so they also get some of the flakes, algea wafers, and shrimp pellets I put in for the other fish. Once a week is treat day, when they get bloodworms or brineshrimp, and they pick at some of the veggies that go in the tank.

  3. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    My angel (and every other fish) eats NLS thera A.

    I would definitely get rid of the flakes - pellets are far better because they retain their nutritional value longer, contain more substance, and they don't pollute the water.
  4. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    I use a variety of Omega One flakes and pellets along with Life Stages micro pellets. This is supplemented with Repashy gel, shrimp pellets, algae wafers, vegy wafers, fresh fruits and vegys; live and frozen foods for treat day. All my fish get fresh garlic weekly as well.

  5. fresh water Member Member

    Thanks guys I would like to try the NLS thera A , I found it on E-Bay What size would be best for Angels, They advertise 1mm, 2mm or 3mm. Lexi they dont get a little nippy only eating every other day? Jaysee yes the flakes do get very messy I can see all the wasted food when i vacuum. Me and my fish want to go to Dena's house for dinner
  6. fresh water Member Member

    Also can you find NLS thera A at Petsmart or any of the big name stores?
  7. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    No, they don't get nippy, I feed all my fish every other day, except for fry. My petco carries the NLS line, my Petsmart does not, I usually end up going to my LFS, because I do not like petco. My angels are not full grown yet, so I feed th 1mm pellets right now. ( if you have ever seen betta pellets, that's what size the 1mm are)

  8. fresh water Member Member

    I will start with the 1mm for now, Thanks Lexi. Now I just have to find them locally
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

  10. fresh water Member Member

    small gravel substraight

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  12. davebowden Member Member

    angle food

    try them with a bit of fresh veg, tomato, cucumber etc they love it !:;hi1
  13. fresh water Member Member

    sorry i posted this on another persons tread. But i did find NLS at the LFS but they only carry reef formula or fresh water community fish formula. I bought the community fish formula, will this be ok for my Angels, I have tryed to feed it to them twice now they dont seem to like it, it is 1mm size. The angels spit out the NLS let it sink to the bottom and then the rummy nose tetra's ate it, i put a bit of flake food in right after and the Angels gobble it up. Think they just have to get use to the new food, or should i soak in kent garlic and try again. The LFS did say they would try to order NLS thera A in for me but it might take a while :;thx