Angelfish Death

  1. billmarshall94 Member Member

    my tank consist of tetras & 6 albino Cory's. I decided to buy 1 gold Angelfish, within 4 days he was dead, he was just fine for the first 2 days, then he started hiding then near the top just staring at the top. Nitite 0 ammonia 0 nitrate 10 Ph 7.6.. I would like to know what I did to kill it. The aquarium store said the Ph was to high...should be under 7.0. does that sound right..the other fish are all fine
  2. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    It sounds like your tank is cycled. Is it cycled though? Did you get the angel right when it arrived at the store?
  3. billmarshall94 Member Member

    it is cycled, don't know when the store got them, it was a small angel so it would get along with the tetras.

    I have a planted tank..46 gal...
  4. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Well I would ask the store because your tank sounds perfect, but that. How did you acclimate the fish?
  5. billmarshall94 Member Member

    I take the bag float it in the aquarium for 30 min then remove most of the store water then add the fish.
  6. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Poor acclimation may be the issue. The store water may be very different than your tank water, and it may have shocked him.

    Next time, add a cup of tank water to the bag every 10-20 minutes, and only add the fish to the tank when most of the bag water is tank water (after an hour or two).
  7. billmarshall94 Member Member

    I just read that about adding tank water to the bag a little at a time. well now I know will do that for now on...Thanks for the help everyone...I will try again...
  8. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    My angel fish lives in a ph of 7.6 so that is not the issue. I agree with acclimating by adding tank water to the bag over several additions to acclimate him. Alison
  9. billmarshall94 Member Member

    I will do that. thanks
  10. SkunkMunkey3000 Initiate Member

    I'd say your Ph is fine, mine happily live in 7.6. Might be worth asking the LFS while their water parameters are.