Angelfish Care Guide


(Pterophyllum scalare)

Common names:
Angelfish, Angel, Freshwater Angelfish.
Size: 15cm
pH: 6.0 – 7.5
Tempº: 24ºC - 30ºC (75 F - 86 F)
Tank region: Middle layer
Origin: Amazon river
Gender: Difficult, if impossible to tell when not spawning.
Notes: This graceful fish is very popular among Aquarists because of it's beautiful shape and personality. Hailing from the sluggish waters of the Amazon, they are usually kept in slow moving water but many Aquarists have had success keeping them in moderately fast currents. Whilst they are often bought as very small juveniles, they will soon grow to a vast size, sometimes even 20cm tall! Angelfish should ideally be kept in a tank of around 200 litres or more, and make an excellent 'centrepiece' fish for a peaceful community. If you plan to house Angelfish with smaller species such as Neon Tetras or Cherry Barbs, it is a good idea to buy the Angel whilst it is still young. By allowing the Angel to grow up with the smaller fish, it is less likely to eat them when it is full grown. However, if you introduce a fully grown Angelfish to a tank of small Tetras, it will most likely make a meal of them!
Angelfish can be kept either on their own, or in groups. They are usually quite peaceful, although occasionally some typical cichlid aggression can show through; particularly if there are lots of territorial fish in the tank. If your Angelfish pair up, you may also see some aggression.
There are many colour varieties of Angelfish available; including Zebra, Black, Marble and KoI forms. Most of these have been bred in captivity, but all are equally beautiful. Angelfish do well in a Planted Tank.







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