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Angelfish breeding problem

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by bamus, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. bamus New Member Member

    Hi All

    My Angelfish pair is regularly (every 3 weeks) laying eggs but after 2 days most of them are turning white and pair is eating them. I have read that it is happening when eggs are not fertilised. Could it be a case that my pair is too young for breeding (think it's less than 1 year old)?
    I have been leaving eggs in main tank for parents to look after them as well as been taking eggs to separate tank with constant flow of the water and been adding methylene green to remove any chance of fungi development.
    I also read that sometimes 2 females are pairing, but I my male shows all signs of being male so don't think this is the case this time around.
    My tank details:
    200l, external filter, water temp 26-27C, weekly change 15% (50/50 tap and rain watter).
    Angelfish pair, 4 guppies, 3 cords, 1 pleco.

    Any idea if something might be wrong or shall I just wait till angelfish will get more mature?


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  2. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    Give your fish more time. Sometimes it takes more than one try for the fish to get it right. It may take several tries as a matter of fact.

    Too, conditions need to be right and the fish need to feel secure in their environment. It will more than likely happen in time but you never know.

    I have 2 male and 1 female Angel in my 265g tank. These fish are about 4 years old now. When I had them all in a 33g long I had a lot of eggs (eaten by other tank mates) but since I've moved them to the 265g a couple of years ago, I have yet to see the first egg.

    I hope you enjoy the forum.


  3. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    Greetings and welcome :)

    There is a very good chance that you have two females that have setup house keeping. It is very common for angels to do this. Two of the last three "mated" pairs I had were like this. One of the females looked for all the world like a male. You can know for sure by moving the leaf (I am guessing they are spawning on a leaf) to another tank and watch to see if any of them develop. If you do not have another tank available you can float a breading trap in the tank with the eggs in it.

  4. bamus New Member Member

    Thanks for replays guys.
    With 2 females would they take turns with eggs lying? My smaller angel was always doing this job. Other one always was on fertilising duty.
    Apart from that I used to have 6 angels and thay have formed natural pairs. Later on dominant pair have killed (!!!!) Other 4 angels in tank. They were very agressive.

    I am fairly new to angelfish keeping so you still might be right.
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  5. bamus New Member Member

    Just to add close up picture of angel that I think is male. Anyone could have a look?
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  6. Tolak Well Known Member Member

    The fungus you see is secondary to the bacteria you don't see, so most people try to treat the fungus. It's very similar to how people view & attempt to improperly treat columnaris; the fungus being secondary to a bacterial issue. Meth blue is just a start, when I pull spawns I use 7 drops per gallon meth blue, 3 drops per gallon Maroxy, and 2 drops per gallon acriflavin. The Maroxy & acriflavin are topical antibacterials, knock back bacteria that in no way affect adults, but will effect the more sensitive eggs.

    Many angel breeders will use hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon added daily. Others will hatch in RO water, especially if their tap/tank water is more alkaline. Getting a good hatch rate when pulling spawns is trial & error, my mix of additives doesn't work for a buddy who breeds angels a few blocks away, HP does the trick.

    If you have 2 females paired up it should be real obvious when the tubes are down. You may also have an infertile male, I'd work on the bacterial end before switching around males & females.
  7. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    Interesting, two of my female angels spawned today. I wonder if they have been following this thread. :;laughing
  8. bamus New Member Member

    Angel are about to lay eggs again, Tubes are down and I am almost certain big one is male (tube is pointy - can anyone confirm?)
    Is it common that males are infertile?

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  9. bamus New Member Member

    Finally got first success. 72 hrs later and look what I have got: 
  10. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    Awesome! congrats!! My angel pair is on their 5th try and this is the first time I have had wigglers too! YAY! They are still attached to the leaf they were laid on though. It definitely takes the parents several tries to fully understand what they need to do. It is so fun to watch the angels care for them. Are you letting the parents do the work?
  11. bamus New Member Member

    I am also excited. I think previous unsuccessful attempts were due to jung age and male was not mature enough.

    I have moved leaf with eggs to breeding tank. Want to rise fry so wanted to give them as good start as possible.

    Did anyone has risen angelfish fry on microworms? Bit concerned that it might be slightly to big source of food for those small mouths.
  12. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    How are things going with the fry?
  13. bamus New Member Member

    Afraid I have lost all if it within 2 weeks :( not sure where I went wrong.
    Had a small filter constantly moving water around but didn't have airstone (maybe that was a reason). Did daily water changes up to 10%. Perhaps more needs doing. Fry seemed to eat microworms, but wasn't crazy about it. Also most of fry were looking rather strange - most of the time it was sitting on the bottom of the tank, on it side and swimming was big struggle for them. Looked to me like some kind of paralysis or issues with swim bladder.
  14. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that! bummer! Have the parents laid more eggs for you?

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  15. bamus New Member Member

    Legs were laid once sine and I left this batch for parents to look after. Bad idea, after just 1.5 days all eggs were eaten. Next batch I will remove eggs and try to raise fry again.
  16. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    Your tank is very full of plants.....are you sure the eggs all got eaten and were not moved to a different plant or location? My angelfish had 5 fails before they succeeded. Their first success took place after moving the eggs to a new location after the first day or two. So maybe the parents moved the eggs somewhere else in the tank?

    I only mention it because your tank is so full of live plants. And when my angel parents kept moving their eggs, and or wigglers daily, I had a hard time keeping track of where they were and I don't have nearly as much to search through in my tank,

    My angels laid their eggs on the filter intake tube. Then 1-2 days later they moved them to a large leaf on one of my fake plants. Then another day later I found them moved again and they were placed in the upper corner of the tank on the glass by the surface!! Then the next day they were moved off the wall and onto another fake plant. A day or two after that and they were free swimming.
  17. bamus New Member Member

    So here we go again. Day 8 after my angels laid eggs and this time I've got feeling that it is going better than last time.
    Fry is swiming together and is actively chasing food. Death rate is minimal and they are looking much healthier than last time.
    What I have changed:
    - rised temperature to 28-28C. Last time it was 26-27C
    - used much less methylene blue during hatching period. Only few drops instead off 2ml per 10l
    - removed small filter that was to strong for 10 l tank and replaced it with airstone providing gently water flow
    - changing at least 20% of water every day ( using ran water for changes)
    - feeding fry with mixture of micro worms and live cyclops. Last time I have used only microworms.
    - added some plants

    It's still early days, but hope that I will get better results than last time. Here is quick picture from my mobile so not best quality: