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    Hi all
    I've been watching two of my angels tonight and I think they are getting ready to lay eggs. They have been cleaning the vallis in the picture below and have been chasing some of the other fish away from that area.
    The pictures below show their breeding tubes, sorry they aren't the best quality. If anyone has any advice or input I'd be very grateful. @bizaliz I know you the angel guru here so any thoughts from you would be much appreciated.

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    Firstly,congratulations! Angel breeding is quite fun and an interesting process. Secondly, how you proceed with their babies depends on whether you want to raise them (and your tank) environment)or you want the parents to raise them. Your yellow-black spotted is the male and the blushed one is the female (based on looking at the photos)

    This is usually done if your angels are in a community tank and you don't want to risk the eggs being eaten. Once they lay the eggs, you can carefully scrape the eggs into a separate small tank (with the same parameters, ex:2-5 gal). Or, (which I believe is better) to removethe entire thing in which they laid on if possible. To the separate tank, add enough methyl blue to make the water quite a dark blue. Then everyday, remove about 10%of and add untreated water to gradually lighten the water and decrease the concentration of the methyl blue. Some may have their own ratio of methyl to water, but I have found success with this when I used to cull eggs. Also, add a slow stream of bubbles over the eggs to help "wash" them. They'll hatch in 3-4 days. And you'll have to move the fry later to a larger tank better suited for growing

    With parents:
    This is my favorite method, but may sacrifice a few spawnings in the process. This method essentially allows the parents to raise their fry. However, they may be difficult to do in a community tank because if the potential egg eaters. Also, the parents (especially if they haven't spawned before) have a tendency to eat their own eggs or eat them if they feel threatened (like in a community tank). After a few spawns, they should eventually figure out that those are their babies and they should care for them. They'll eat any dead ones or ones with fungi and fan over them to keep them clean.

    Fertilized eggs look a transclucent brown; almost like brown sugar color. Dead/unfertilized ones turn white and grow a fungus which can spread and infect other eggs.

    Feel free to ask more! And do you have a community tank? I can give the possible outcomes/options if you do regarding this upcoming spawn.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
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    Thank you for the reply and the detailed information. I'll be honest I've never really thought much about breeding my angels but I knew it was always going to happen eventually.
    I don't really know what I want to do with them actually, I have them in a community tank but I do have a spare 10 gallon that I can set up and use for the eggs.
    Thank you for sexing them also, I did a bit of research but like to hear from more experienced people as well just to be certain. Both angels are actually marked the same, the blushing one also has a few black spots on her other side but I couldn't get a decent picture of her. We've been calling them the twins for months then changed to Martha and Mabel, looks like Martha needs yet another name change.
    Thanks again for your help and advice
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    I agree on their genders.
    I didn't get your mention because you didn't put a 3 at the end of my

    Congrats on the beautigul pair!!! How big is the tank and what other fish are on there?
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    Ah right, serves me right for skimming instead of reading properly.
    It's nice to have the genders confirmed by 2 people now so thank you and for the congratulations.
    The tank is a 75 gallon, there's another pair of unpaired angels, a German ram, a pair of pearl gourami, cardinals, sterbai corys and a lemon bn.
    The pair has been quiet the last couple of days where before they wanted to keep everyone out of their territory, their tunes are still showing though and the female does look a bit plumper than the male. I'll be honest I feel as though I'm a bit out of my depth and don't really know what to do next