angelfish and cichlids

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    I have a 30gallon fish tank with 2 convict cichlids they just layed eggs about a week ago and now the male is chasing the female all over the tank she has bite mark's on her so I decided to separate them but the only tank is have available is my 75gallon tank which has my 4 angelfish? At first The angel's pecked at him but now it's the other way around he'll chase and try to bite them?so my question is how long should I wait before I put him back in his tank and do you think by then my 2 cichlids would get along?
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    Did the convict fry hatch? It takes around 3 days for them to hatch. So before u separated them the parents were with their free swimming fry? And for how long you should wait to put the male convict back, well as long as the female is still with her fry I think the male would still chase the female. So r u planning to let the female stay with her fry? If u don't then maybe u could reintroduce the male back to her and they'll most likely pair up again. Convicts r known to breed a lot.