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One of my five Angels is pointing upward instead of horizontal. Is that a sign of swim bladder disease? If so, how do I treat it and if not what is causing this? I have a 210 gal. tank. do 30% water change every other week. Also check water quality. All ok, except I have a problem keeping ph levels at 7.0 usually when testing for ph it's at 6.8. Other tank mates include: 6 Clown Loaches, 5 Blue Gouramis, 2 Gold Gouramis, 1 Moonlite Gouramis, 5 Boseman Rainbows, 4 Mollies, 1 Pink Tail Chalceus, & 2 Chineese algae eater.
Thanks for our help.


The pH at 6.8 is not that bad. As long as you're keeping your pH stable - it's fine, even if not exactly the 7.0 that you want. I have no experience with fish diseases, but if the fish has difficulty swimming as opposed to all of the other fish in the tank, it may be sick. You'd have to wait for someone here who knows about fish diseases. I also think that when a fish has a swim bladder disease it swims on its side rather than pointing upward. But I may be wrong.

Does the fish look as if it were gasping for air? If it does, it may be simply needing oxygen. This would mean that your water isn't aerated enough. Fish also need oxygen! Powerful filters alone can suffice to aerate water, and if not - there are airpumps and powerheads available to do the job.

You say that your water is fine, right? So ammonia and nitrite are at 0, right? And nitrate is very low too, correct?


Until you know what the problem is, try bumping up your water changes to 30% weekly.  Eventhough your water parameters may be perfect, it will still reduce the nitrates, and make them more comfortable.  I will do some research to see if I can help you with this. 

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