Angel Fish

  1. children11 Member Member

    I have a 72 gallon fish tank. I noticed that on the filter, there's these little things on it that my Angels keep picking out. They look like they could be salt or bubbles. When I wipe some off, they float. My angels get really mean when my other fish go near it. I even took an algae sponge to wipe it off and my angels were getting mean and biting it. Could these be eggs? This happened twice before but I didn't know what they were and I wiped them off. If they are eggs, what do I do next? How long before they become babies?

    Thank you

  2. MissMTS Fishlore VIP Member

    How large are they and what color are they? By the behavior of the angels, it sounds like they are eggs. My angels used to always lay eggs on my filter intake.

  3. children11 Member Member

    These things are as small as a piece of salt and a lot of them. The pet store gave me a slate to put in my tank. If these are eggs, what do I do next? How long before they become babies?

    Thank You

  4. MissMTS Fishlore VIP Member

    If they are as small as salt, I doubt they are eggs... eggs are usually bigger than that. Angels usually take a few tries to spawn and will likely eat the eggs the first few times.

  5. children11 Member Member

    How do you post links to websites here? This website shows a picture of what I have in my tank but I can't post it here but I'll keep trying.

  6. children11 Member Member

    Let's see if this work. If it does, the 1st picture is what looks to be what's in my tank. Type this into the bar.