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Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by Bleu, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. BleuValued MemberMember

    Hi all.

    Just wanted some advice on Angel fish... Never have owned them -- my mother has, and has experience with them and many other species, but she is always busy, so I can't rely on her advice.

    I just wanted to know... (For the future, when the tank IS cycled.. Fishless.) I would love to get some angels.. The problem is, I am worried about the aggression issues (community tank.) I am also worried about buying two angels and them not getting along...

    How exactly do you "pick" the right angel? My local fish store sells some pure black angels / and some multi-colours (biege/black.) They're in separate tanks / bunch of them (more then 10), and their small... So, if I were to buy TWO randoms.. What would the outcome be exactly?

    Or... Should I just go to Pet Smart and pick one up from there? Since their tanks aren't as stocked with angels compared to the LFS. Any tips on that?

    Also, I was planning on getting a pleco (MAYBE.) / cories.. Maybe, 5 or 6 Albino's and maybe 5/6 of Emeralds or Bronze... That's all I got so far.

    Thoughts on that stock?
    (The tank is 40-50 Gallons and it's SUPER tall and pretty wide.)

    I wouldn't mind getting 1 Angel, I just don't know if it'd look too empty/boring with just one, but hey, if just one is better.. I'll just stick to that.. I'm in no rush to buy anyway, because I haven't set the tank up and it's gonna be a while.

  2. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember


    Tbh, there is no perfect way to pick angels. There is a chance that if they are older and kept with other angels, they may be a bit more "trained," but of course when you give them the space, they could turn really quick. You could always try a pair, which can be hard to sex observing them, and without the breeding tubes, but if you were to post a pic of your options, I can make my best educated guess as to who is male/female. Or, you can pick 6 juvies, and keep the 2 that paired the earliest and rehome the others (which may or may not be possible for you)

    And it also depends on dimensions; if it's really tall, it sounds like the length is shorter, which can make it difficult for them to hide if there isn't enough space (but you can combat that with a medium-well planted tank.

    As for stocking, I would choose sterbai corys as the do better in the warmer waters that the angels prefer.

    And would you want to make it a community (in which I would suggest only 1 angel as a centerpiece)?

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

  3. BleuValued MemberMember

    It's a Cleair Aquatics tank. I attached a photo below of a similar tank. Mine is the exact same as this model, and not set-up, as I had broken the intake tube recently.

    Do you think that would be okay? I was planning on buying some wood, and tying down loads of plants, then on the bottom a bunch of Amazon Swords all over the place... Making loads of hiding spots, hoping that would ease down aggression, but I am not sure.

    I'd totally include a photo, but I don't have any -- of the Angels :( -- All I remember was seeing them in a 'flooded' tank (basically overly packed tank.) At my LFS. (Private exotic fish / regular fish store.) They were all small sized, and housed together... While at Pet Smart, they had a few large ones, maybe 1 or 2, or maybe even 3 in one tank.. And then the other tank had one Angel by it's self, so I assume they didn't get along.

    I don't mind getting 6 juvies either -- worried about not being able to re-home them though, that's my only concern. I've been trying to sell multiple tanks I have on Craigslist and I get no biters, so I am worried about how the fish would do :)

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  4. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    What's the length (this will determine if the angel and corys have enough swimming space) And that's quite the different shaped tank!
  5. BleuValued MemberMember

    Height: 28 Inches
    Length: 22 & 1/2 inches.
    Width: 10.78 Inches.

    Calculation's are probably way off -- since, I don't know anything about measuring, or measuring tanks either.

    I found this from their website though, the model looks slightly different as it's diamond shape, but not too different, and is most likely the same size:

    LS-Z750 Diamond
    Black, White,Claret-Red
    28.14 x 12 x 30.11 <-- Tank (INCH)
    29.13 x 12.59 x 23.81 <-- BASE (INCH)
  6. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    If my calculations are correct, I believe that is a 29g tank...and an oddly shaped one too and will make stocking difficult

    Imo, I don't think there is enough floor space for corys and you could have 1 angel
  7. BleuValued MemberMember

    Really? Because in person it's huge and wide, and super tall. I'm 5'3 (not that tall, I'm a short girl.) And, I can't even reach it lmao

    My LFS who sold it to me, was like; "It's a 40 G." But then again, you might be right. Their website has a similar design, but diamond shape, and shows it's a 40 G / but, they also have a 29 gallon opt, so I have no clue.

    My friend had the exact same tank (he bought one, also.. From LFS.) And housed a bunch of fancy goldfish in it, along with cories which was an odd mix, everything grew massive, and the tank was running for a couple of years with no deaths, or anything, that's what confuses me.

    Wow, I'd be shocked if it's 29 G though, cause, the heck? My LFS told me it was 40 G. Wouldn't be happy, as we paid $300-$400, IF it is 29 G.

    Edit: I agree with you, they're custom tanks, imported from I believe, China .. Originally I didn't want it, as I had my eyes set on a 15 Gallon Aqueon (tall) kit. But, my brother loved it, and decided to buy it for me instead of letting me buy my own tank.
    It really does make stocking hard, I am not fond of custom tanks tbh (well, if they have these kind of designs.)
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  8. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    Lol...check my math but:

    Length x Width x height Divide by 231 = gallons. And I got 29.

    You could fit a "smaller" species of Cory, but they wont be temp compatible with the angels.
    And I would check out if you got duped or not

    But, if your open-minded, we can come up with a stock for you :)
  9. BleuValued MemberMember

    Hm, I might just sell it then. I have no clue what to do with it, honestly. Because, I broke the intake tube, so, I don't even know... If I need a certain tube that's over 12 inches and cannot find the right size fitting... Since it's so tall, so I don't know if filtration WILL be successful, with using any filter (since the original tube/pump connects from the very bottom to all the way to the top.)

    Honestly, I, or well, my brother was most likely duped -- I kept trying to tell him no, but for some reason he was highly interested in it, all I wanted was a 15 Gallon tall Aqueon! Haha. Our LFS hasn't been doing good we were told by the owners of the store, so I think they were desperate for any sort of sale.

    He did give us warranty for it, the owner, but -- I do not know if it's valid, or if he will take it back.

    I'm a huge lover of cories (Albinos, mostly.) So it'd be a bit sad not being able to stock with Albino's either ;X

    Have no idea what I'm gonna do, I'm amazed though it's giant.

    The LFS owner too, when asked the (G) size just took a look at it.. And was like; "Probably about 40 Gallons."

    Any idea on why the goldfish in my friend's exact same tank, and his albino's were able to live so long too? If is 29 gallons, cause... Wow, he was incredibly overstocked, crazy!
  10. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    Ya...honestly, I wouldnt have kept any fancy goldfish in it; the shape is wrong, and especially with multiples, I can imagine how cramped it would be/must have been. Either your friend has the most fantastic filtration of all time; or he did like massive daily water changes.

    As for the corys (and I'm no sure what temp your friend was keeping them at) the floor space is about a foot shorter than what most people would consider an adequate amount of space for them wil about 2 inches short of what they consider "acceptable but not ideal"
    They can be quite hardy, but it's always a thing about space for them before most anything else; so they might have faired well if they were well fed and kept clean; but many people are often concerned about how much swimming room they have because they are active guys.

    As for the tube; is there a way to get a replacement? Or get handy with pvc and silicone.

    And if you really did want to keep it; I think we can come up with a stocking that won't mind the size as much as others
  11. BleuValued MemberMember

    I'm gonna speak to my brother and see if he lets me sell it, if not, I will keep it and look at different stock options.

    As for my friend, it was 3-5 fancy goldfish .. I remember two of them being black moors, and a very large rykukin, and two lion heads? It had 4 albino's... Who were the standard Pet Smart size (who were way smaller than an inch.) And he had another fish in there, that he had that was smaller than a dime, but grew incredibly big, but I am unsure what fish it was. The goldfish were decent sized maybe the size of a closed fist?

    The tank was running for a long time, the albino's grew huge, (well over an inch.) Way over an inch in a short period of time, and so did the other tiny fish, the goldfish were getting big too. My friend would never do water changes, either. (The tank was running for weeks or a month before, fish less cycle.) When he left for vacation (tank was running for an entire month plus) without a single water change, and constant food being dropped in by the temporarily care taker, he never lost a single fish. After coming back from vacation, it was 2 months, and not a single fish died, and or, illness.

    I remember him coming back, and the forum community underestimated his tank light, saying it won't be able to grow anything at all. When he came back, the entire tank was filled with horrible algae, like the entire tank was green, fish were not sick and fine. His cory was incredibly active, I never thought cories would be active, but his cories, were non-stop moving along, they never stopped to rest, it was constant activity, which made me jaw drop, because mine... Would always sit. His was always shuffling along at the bottom and the wood, and non-stop swimming around with no stress.

    Seriously, I do not know how that happened! I don't think these tanks have powerful filters either! Amazing.
  12. KinsKicksFishlore VIPMember

    I will say those fish were stunted. A closed fist (unless you hands are the size of hulk lol) is very small for those fish; they can get up to 2-3x the size of that. As for the corys; they get right under 3in in a spacious home, so I'd say they are actually small. Probably a combo of poor husbandry and small space :/

    Lol, I will say, that is a bit of a surprise to me, but I really don't recommend it. I have little idea of how nothing went awry (except for the size); but I wouldn't put him as a model for other fishkeepers lol.

    And good luck btw :)
  13. BleuValued MemberMember

    No clue if they were or not, cause he only had the goldfish for a year, and the cories. The reason I know this is because
    my brother had help set him up, so, I watched them grow for over the year he had them, he bought them smaller then a fist, and then grew at a fast rate. (In a year, there was huge growth.) Last time I checked with him was months after that year, and they had gotten bigger.

    I had recently asked him about his tank, weeks ago, when trying to figure out how to find a replacement for the tube, and he said he still had the same fish, and are bigger, but I haven't seen them. He barely does water changes too.

    Also.. Thank you so much! :) -- Good to know it's a 29 G, I'd be very upset with myself I had stocked a tank... And it was way to small! I love cories so much :] I rather try to find something better that I can get (tank size.) If I ever get any, and maybe an angel.

    Thank you :)
  14. MscatipilrValued MemberMember

    There is a chance it holds more. That math is for rectangular shapes :) curved surfaces hold more volume.
  15. MscatipilrValued MemberMember

    It could also hold less than 29 :eek: not sure how you got your measurements ❤ You could empty it into milk jugs and measure that way :D
  16. MscatipilrValued MemberMember

    It could also hold less than 29 :eek: not sure how you got your measurements ❤ You could empty it into milk jugs and measure that way :D
  17. BleuValued MemberMember

    I personally think it's a 40 gallon.. I completely forgot that, you can't use rectangle math... On something curved and long. You're very right.

    It's a huge tank, and it held goldfish for years without any problems until disease broke out (from buying a PetSmart infected goldfish.) According to my friend, and because my friend stupidly rinse out of the filter and had no idea that would kill his established bacteria.

    It also seems on their websites, their is a specific way their measure their tanks, I personally think it's a 40 gallon too as it's so huge.

    Also I measured it from measuring tape, measured it from the top, from the side (from the bottom to the top... And, at the top, from front to back.

    Edit: It's kind of like having a bow front.. But the back curves too, only the sides are straight, but curves, and it's super tall. Since it's sort of like a bow font, I do not believe it was measured correctly.. Either.
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