Angel fish

  1. Bhopkins1311

    Bhopkins1311 Valued Member Member

    Just got this angel fish, will those stripes darken as he ages or stay light. And is it normal to have a round top fin uploadfromtaptalk1465678721082.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1465678729047.jpg
  2. bizaliz3

    bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    The stripes will lighten and darken depending on his mood. And a round top fin is perfectly normal. :)
  3. P

    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    My Angel looks like yours. Her stripes fade in and out depending on her mood and whats going on, just as bizaliz3 said :)

    I find that during water changes they'll lighten, and during spawning times, they become dark and broad.
    Quite a wonderful phenomenon
  4. OP

    Bhopkins1311 Valued Member Member

    Its crazy i noticed when light is on he turns almost yellow all the way, when lights off he gets dark black stripes.