Angel fish with one red eye.... 55 Gallon Tank

  1. Shelly Banks Initiate Member

    OK I got two "koi" Angelfish yesterday, I dont remember them having red anywhere near their eyes, but today when I got home from work I noticed one has red all around its left pupil, and the other seems to had a redish colored bruise under one of its eyes. Is this a result of fighting, diseases, shock from new "home". The guy at the store put my new plant and my angels in the same bag, maybe the got banged up by the "pot". what should I be looking for for disease? they are kinda hiding in the corner of the tank a bit........

    my tank seems to be balanced well, I need more test strips will get tomorrow. Everyone else seems ok.

    10505296_10203238085466285_7761151483877068432_n.jpg this one has the red around the iris, but onlyt on one side.

    2014-07-01 21.48.34.jpg This one is hard to see, but he has red bruise under this eye.
  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Could be body flukes. Stress or water quality are the most common causes, but it can be treated. Do you have carbon in your filter? If so, you'd want to remove it before you medicate the tank.
  3. Shelly Banks Initiate Member

    Remove my filter? Turn it off, or put the filters in a bowl while the pump still cycles the water?
  4. Shelly Banks Initiate Member

    Well, my Angelfish seem to be doing better, and they are exploring the tank more, and hanging out in the open some. :) Never gave them any medicine, just waiting it out.