40 Gallon Tank Angel Fish Tank Mates


Hello, I have a stocking idea that I wanted to get opinions on. I have a 39 gallon tank that I am planning for. I am thinking about doing 6 cory cats, one angel fish, 6 odessa barbs, and possibly one bristlenose pleco. Thank you for all feedback.

Tony M

Odessa barbs are beautiful but they’re fin nippers. They’re going to bother the angel.

Collin Chorba

Be careful with the barbs and the pleco, I’m not sure about Odessa barbs but I believe they can be nippy if not kept in large numbers, as for the pleco you need to keep it well fed so it doesn’t try to suck on your angels, with that size tank depending on the dimensions you could do a few more cories and or barbs

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