Angel Fish picking badly on other one

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    I know this has been covered on other topics but still worried. I have two Angel fish. They mostly they swim together and sometimes pick at each other. The last few days the larger one is just going mad. Picking, chasing, lip locking the smaller one. I created a new hiding place and the smaller is using it but the large one goes mad trying to get into it. Nothing else in tank but that's because the larger Angel fish killed my Honey Gourami. No issues for months.

    Any advice?
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    This is exactly why angelfish are a gamble. :-(

    I hate to say it, but if the mean angel already killed one fish and is severely harassing might want to consider re-homing him. I know that can be hard....but sometimes with age...there are angels who are just mean and can't remain community fish. I think those ones are the minority though. Most angels, IMO, are pretty nice fish :) It sounds like you have a bad apple :-(

    It doesn't sound like breeding behavior to me. But do you happen to see their breeding tubes? They would be right around the same area they poop from.....
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    :( thank you for the feedback. Shame. I've not seen their breeding tubes. Sad . very beautiful fish but difficult ones.