75 Gallon Tank Angel fish mouth fungus

0 ammo
O nitrite
10-20 nitrate
Temp 78
Gh 10 drops api test
Kh 8 drops api test
Low co2 half dose nilocg EI diy fert mix

Angel fish is breathing hard and noticed this today. He seemed stressed past 2 days but no signs of illness, just lighter color and hiding, went with first stocking in tank 2 weeks ago with 3 honey gouramis. 1 gourami had same symptoms for a couple days but perked right back up and is healthy now. Is it a true fungal infection. Will be going in hospital tank asap need help determining what to treat with. Thanks in advance



Its now in a 15 gallon hospital tank, water straight from the tank itself, transfered over the sponge filter, set the temp on the heater to match the water and added some aquarium salt per directions on box. Should I treat with medication and if so which one. It's not looking too good he was more active in the main tank but now not moving much.
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