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Angel fish in danger?!?!

  1. L

    Ludafish New Member Member

    I came home from a weekend camping trip today and and went to check on my angel fish when I noticed what seems like a plethora of health issues! I have an angel fish pair with 3 emerald cories in a 29g tank. I'll have to check my parameters but before I left (3 days ago) the only thing that was high were nitrates. Basically my black marble angel seems to be bloated and prolapsed with maybe slight Popeye? It sounds like a lot so idk if I'm just imagining it but it looks bad. I noticed that maybe the yellow angel is also having a prolapse but I can't tell. They're swimming and eating normal and aren't acting sick. They just pick on the cories. What should my course of actions be with this tank? Do I need to try to set up a quarantine? Any advice please would be appreciated

    (Also idk how to post pics on here if there is a way)
  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

  3. tfreema

    tfreema Fishlore VIP Member

    What is prolapse?

    I currently have an angel with bloat so I am curious what the experts have to say about yours.
    I agree with maggie thecat. Making sure the water parameters are in check is your first action to take. Do a large water change, gravel vac (or get the stuff off the sand) and filter maintenance. I am trying Epsom salt and metronidazole, but just started it yesterday so no results to report yet.

    I hope you get this cleared up quickly!
  4. OP

    Ludafish New Member Member

    So BIG UPDATE I think I solved my problem. I had my angels fasting for 3 days and when I checked on them today I found eggs!! I never saw spawning behavior but now they sure enough are being super defensive and keeping my city's away. I'll have to read up on what to do now but super relived my angels are ok
  5. tfreema

    tfreema Fishlore VIP Member

    That is good news! How are the parents doing taking care of the eggs?