Angel Fish "fungus" Could anyone please help ?

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Please could you help me with your expertise and advice ?

One angelfish developed a fungus type growth on its tail fin.
Looks like cotton thread but changes to a white mark and back again.
I have used fin rot and fungus control by King British for one week now with no improvement.
The fish is eating well and not lethargic.
And trying to shake of the fungus by flicking itself on occasion.

Daily water changes of 15 -20 %.
adding fungus treatment to tank daily as per med bottle instructions.
Carbon removed from filter when treatment started.

water par -
0 amm
0 nitrite
20 nitrate
ph 7.5
temp -82 degs.

I will try to upload a photo with this message however was unable to the last time here goes.

Thank you for your time .
Regards, Louis.
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The best photo I could take of Fintail.
Fungus (white mark) middle of bottom fin.
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Good morning,

To help you to receive more responses, I have moved your thread from Using the Forum to Freshwater Fish Disease section of the forum.

Best wishes for your fish and hold on for more responses.


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Update - worsening of the fin rot and fungus is still there on tail fin ,although small.
The angelfish right ventral fin ( half way ) is flopping around and irritating the fish .It is ready for snapping off .
I have taken to using API Pimafix today.
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Update -
Half the ventral fin is just dangling now and the pimafix on 5th day of treatment with dose of melafix.
No real improvement ! Fungus still on tailfin and bottom of analfin.
No one interested in offering any advice ? Please !

Not one response or offer of advice so far ! ah well.
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Not one response or offer of advice so far ! ah well.

Unfortunately, I've not seen your post before now. The link Ken shared is a great one. It does seem like your fish has fin rot, in which case you'll need to treat for bacterial infection. You might have better luck with maracyn or maracyn II. It's good you've been changing the water daily; clean water is always a huge help with a sick fish.

Good luck.

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HI Nina.
Thank you for your reply as it is much appreciated.
I did read the info Ken shared and it is very useful.
About half of the angelfish' ventral fin fell off some time this evening so I guess that's that.
I cannot see the broken fin on the bottom of the tank anywhere at the moment.
It does not look too bad and the fungus is coming amd going but seems to have improved .!!!!
But I did notice something else.
I have a few rather quite fat glowlight tetras in the same tank and saw one nip the angelfish fins.
I did see something similar the other day but it was so fast that I thought I may have mistaken it for a very close "swI'm by"
But the tetra went for the angelfish fin this evening and I am thinking that maybe what has caused the finrot and possible fungus attack in the first place ?
All the other fish in the tank are fine and fungus free.
Looks like I may have to move the angelfish out and into a new tank soon.

Many Thanks.
Kindest regards. Lou.
Photo of half ventral fin as of today.

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AH! Yes, there you have it. Tetra are nippy fish and will harass your poor angel. The infection is opportunistic and will be able to heal once the nipping stops. Is he eating? soaking his food in garlic may also help healing. There are a lot of posts on here about how to do it if you'd like to try.
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The fungus is still ongoing.
However, I caught sight of a large glowlight tetra biting her fins today. It was at feeding time.
I am now ready to buy a new tank to house the angelfish ,but have as a temp measure put her in a large 8 inch deep breeder box in the main tank to keep her away from the 15 tetra in the tank.
( it was not easy netting her as the tank is about 2 and a half feet deep and well planted )
She looks abit unnerved now.
Hopefully she won't be there for more than 2 days but there is nothing else I can do to help her at this present time.
I called an online vet on the phone yesterday and he said that I should remove her away from the tetras a.s.a.p .

And Thank you for your time in responding to me earlier.

My kindest regards.
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I'm glad you've finally figured out what's going on. Now, she needs to heal. Remember frequent water changes and good food will help the healing process.
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None of my family or friends keep fish so its been difficult to find someone to talk to about this.
I will look after her very well. She will have a new home soon.
Many Thanks again.
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HI .
Its me again.

I need your assistance please !
Can you help me please ,or know of someone on here that can spare some expertise ?

The angelfish has now been moved to a cycled 10 gallon tank with no other inhabitants.
The ventral fin that half broke off has now developed a small cyst or lump within it. Not on it but within the fin itself.
She is now holding that ventral fin way higher than her other and shaking it alot.
Also fin rot has taken some small part of her tail and small part of dorsal fin out .
Small dot of fungus on tip analfin again...!
She is eating freeze dried blood worm only and will not touch any other food ( flakes or pellets) at all.
I have removed all uneaten food within 5 mins.
She is swimming around and coming to the front of the tank quite excitedly when she wants the bloodworm and eats it all.

Water par.
0 nitrite.
0 amm.
20 nitrate.
ph 7.5 ...(cant lower it due to water supply even though I have tried)
water temp is 80 degs

Treating her with -
I removed the carbon from the filter .Also no UV sterlizer in the tank.
Water changes -25% every 2 days as Pimafix and Melafix say not too often when using the products ( every 3 days they say )

Cant think of anything else to mention except that The treatment in new tank for 3 days and before that 7 day in large tank.
I have another med sized angelfish in another large tank 20 gallon and he is fine .

Thank you so much for your time.
My kindest regards.

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