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    hello my male angel fish keep eating my fry, they are about 1 week in from the wiggler stage and are now swimming, the female is bashing the male because he is slowly eating them, i was wondering how many of these fry could i safely move to my 20 litre, yes i know its small but these fry are as big as a pimple , id only keep them there for maybe 2-4 weeks ?does this sound okay?how long would i be able able to keep these pin picks in a 20litre?now my big concern is ............if i swap them from the big tank to small tank will they survive?i mean the male is eating them regardless? what u guys think ?
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    The 5-gallon would work for a couple weeks.... but if you leave them in such a small tank much longer than that, it will affect their development.

    Congrats on the babies :) sorry that dad is being such a jerk! Are you positive he's not spitting them out somewhere else after he puts them in his mouth?
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    Hi Jacob, what's the status of your fry? Are they still alive?
    To people with successful experience in raising angel fish fry: I had two rounds of fry from my pair of angel fish. The first time was on March 28, 2017, many fry swam happily for 2 days then disappeared completely on the 3rd day! Six week later, many fry (about 50) came to live on Wed May 10; happily swam on Thursday; then on Friday there were only 12 fry left (where were the other?); Saturday afternoon they were all gone! What happened to them? There were only the parents and their fry in the tank (I used the divider to separate other fish to the other half of the tank), my water test result was perfect, and I fed the free-swimming fry with baby brine shrimp. Two rounds with so many fry happily swimming, but both had zero survival rate. I read through many related post, and I don't know what else I should do. I think I may have the third round of fry.