Angel Fish Breeding

Mason Kent


Recently these two angels started breeding. The 'male' (I'm almost certain it's a male) is eating the eggs as the female is laying the eggs. Every once in a while the male will come up and fertilize the eggs but then instantly will eat them. I'm pretty sure this is the first time they have bred unless they have when I was asleep or not home. Any ideas on why this is happening?


Its normal for first time angelfish pairs to eat the eggs or even the fry after the second or third attempt eventually they will figure it out on their own

Try to keep them fed well and hope for the best


Parents will often eat the eggs if they think the eggs are threatened (which is always in a community tank). If you want to hatch the eggs I recommend moving the parents to their own tank. It might still take a few tries for them to get it right, but the parents are less likely to just eat them

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