Angel beat himself up- help!

  1. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    About 2 minutes ago my black (and favorite angel) got freaked out and tried to jump out of the tank. I didn't let him, I was there, but he scraped his side pretty badly. He seems to be shaking now. It was mostly my fault, Something fell in the tank when I was messing with it, but it won't harm the fish chemical-wise. He scraped himself on my breeding trap, which I just put in today when my guppy decided to drop. What should I do for him? I don't have any conditioner right now, but I can get some. Should I QT him for a while? It's not ideal, but I could move things around and put him in my 10g. Will it get infected? It just looks like he scraped off a bunch of scales, but if he's not bleeding (I think).

    Pics soon to follow
  2. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    Keeping the water very clean is usually a good start. Water condition is a good idea to keep on hand ;D

  3. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Also, I just turned the light off to keep them calm. I'm sorry about the bad condition of the pic- he's the black one with the brown on his side, which is where he got hurt.

  4. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Cichlidnut- My water is good quality, although I would have liked to perform a water change yesterday, except is was bleachy. I usually do about 10% every weekend. I was about to go look at a fish tank upgrade, and on the way back look around at petsmart, so it'll be easy to pick something up, I just need to know what. Any recommended types of conditioner?

  5. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Update: He's acting normal, but I'm still getting conditioner. I'll go with API unless someone has a better suggestion or something also is insanely cheap compared to it.
  6. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I use the API stresscoat for injuries, works great for me.
  7. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    Do 50% a week instead of 10%. Super clean water is a great way to help fish heal faster. If you can find it, get Prime. It's much, much cheaper in the long run. It only takes a fraction of what other conditioners do to dechlorinate.

  8. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Put the heat up in the 82f area and give him a good diet of frozen and high quality foods. Up the water changes to 50%.
  9. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Prime is awesome, I use it as a declorinator, but I find the aloe in the stresscoat helps injuries heal faster. ( when doesed as a protectant, not the delorintor dose)
  10. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    From the way the OP stated it, it doesn't sound like he has an dechlorinator.

  11. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I don't know maybe I go overboard? I keep both on hand.
  12. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Depending on water source a dechlor agent might not be needed. But I do agree if you need a dechlor agent prime is the way to go, if not then the stress coat is fine.

    I also agree, keep the water changes large, and give him a good diet and he will come around. Fish are very resilient creatures actually I sometimes think they are more resilient than us human kind.
  13. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Thanks. I got API stress coat last night- missed petsmart, snuck into Petco 1 minute after it closed- people were still buying stuff in there. I got the smaller bottle because I don't regularly use it.
    No, I don't have a dechlorinator, but we're on a well, not city water. I only have to worry about bleach when my dad bleaches our water.
    Update on the angel: he's acting normal, but looks the same. All the angels are trying to eat the fry through the trap. He had a large breakfast, and tomorrow I'll supplement it with blood worms. He's been very resiliant for me- he almost died twice of columnaris and fin rot.
  14. greenbeanette Member Member

    This happened to me recently with my betta (twice!). I found a diet of frozen brine shrimp, and adding vitachem and fish protector to work for me. The betta completely grew back his missing scales both times. Apparently the chitin in the brine shrimp's exoskeleton is good for regrowing scales. Vitachem added to the brine shrimp and to the tank provides nutrients to help the fish be healthy and heal. Fish protector is basically a concentrated fish slimecoat that helps protect the fish from infections and injuries in general. Stresscoat is basically a weaker version of fish protector, if you can't find fish protector.

    Here's my thread if you want more info:

    If you search the forums for kordon fish protector you will find a lot of people have had success with it.

    I was cycling with TSS at the time and couldn't do water changes, but of course those help with healing as well :)
  15. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the advice, but I didn't see any fish protector last night. I'm getting a new 75g tank next weekend, it might have brine shrimp with it- if it doesn't, I'll pick some up.