Anemone Acclimation Question

  1. Naeusu Member Member

    Hey there guys! Over the last few weeks I've been toying with the idea of getting myself a Rose Bubble Tip anemone. I've been looking for info on how to properly acclimate one and keep finding things on the net that contradict each other(surprising, I know).
    When I asked an employee of my LFS, he instructed me to simply match the temp in my tank(78degrees) and release the anemone into the tank without any of the water in the bag.

    I just want to make sure that this is the proper, most safe way of adding my anemone into my main display tank.

    Please let me know what you think!
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  3. ATP Well Known Member Member

    I didn't really do the temperature thing. The drip method is best for all living things you add to your tank. (corals, fish, inverts, etc.)

    Please note that the anemone prefers metal halides and I looked your indo and it said you have T-5 lighting.

    All so, your angel might be a little big for your tank. They do require a tank that's 150-200 gallon tank.
  4. sgould Well Known Member Member

    BTAs are a little more forgiving on lighting requirements and will do fine under T5s, but I agree on the angel...I think the queen angel requires 150 gallons +.
  5. Naeusu Member Member

    Ah yes, the angel. We've taken to calling her "Queeny". Yeah, I am aware of the tank requirements for her. Fortunately, she's only about three inches in length as of right now and she's being considered a "Semi-long term guest" in my 55 gal. We have a second tank downstairs(135gal) that we're setting up and are hopping to have up and running before the end of the year. That will be her upgrade while we get something more appropriate.

    Huzzah for some room to grow!

    As for the lighting, we have two HO T5s. The rock placement allows for the anemone to get within 12 inches of the lighting(4 inches from the water's surface) so I'm not too concerned with the lighting reqs.

    Nutritionally, we've been adding some phytoplankton every two days or so for the growth of copepods(love those mandarinfish) so if the anemone can't feed itself from the light, it's my hope this will help it along.

    Um...I like to do research quite a bit...anyone have any suggestions? Bits I might have missed? Anything will help!
  6. ATP Well Known Member Member

    where ever you place the anemone, It'll might move though. Anemones do move by them selves and will not stop moving to places until they find a place they like.
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  8. Naeusu Member Member

    Thanks for the advice guys! I'm happy to report that we've recently added a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone to our tank!
  9. charzar-g Well Known Member Member

    Let's hope it does well :)
  10. Naeusu Member Member

    Yeah, it's doing just fine! With the exception of my clown constantly rubbing her body up against it. The anemone is two inches across! ...the clown is three and a half inches the anemone is kinda hiding under a rock.
  11. ATP Well Known Member Member

    Do be careful about that. The anemone needs to be at least 3-4 times larger than the clownfish. Those that are not have died because of the clown.