Ancistrus Sucker fish?

  1. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i got my sucker fish 2day i went 2 Grosvenor Tropicals in Belfast and i said 2 the man in the store can i get 1 of these plecos and he said how big is ur tank i told him 17gallons 63 litres and he said im not sellin u a pleco i'll give u a an ancistrus they only grow 2 about 4 - 5 inches, is an Ancistrus a female bristlenose??????? im gettin my platies on friday
  2. Craig Well Known Member Member

    did sum research there lookis like thats there scientific name for the bristlenose but mine looks 2 b a female r they all nocturnal?

  3. Craig Well Known Member Member

    its just like havin a mini ornament lol its stickin itself 2 all the ornaments i hav in my tank then it loves like the cave thing i hav and the mini log in the tank cause its so dark im guessin do they come alive at night????
  4. fletch Member Member

    They are generaly all nocturnal. But like humans they all have different preferences and personalitys. Some, like my sucking catfish, have grown to love the daytime within a few weeks. Others never get used to it.

  5. Craig Well Known Member Member

    shes still very shy ive only seen her out 3 times she moved along the bak of the glass of my tank then attached herself to the bak of my power filter she seems 2 b stayin away from the front of the tank and doesnt like bein out in the open i hope she settles in alright! :(
  6. fletch Member Member

    One day you may just find her out the front. try setting your light to go off a bit later at night. She will then get used to it being on for longer and accept it as normal.
  7. Craig Well Known Member Member

    as i type this lol she is flyin around the glass and is swimmin along the front so i spoke 2 soon so maybe she just sleeps at night and is active durin the day then :) :)

  8. Craig Well Known Member Member

    is it just me whos recognised that the sucker fish seems 2 crap alot????? lol sorry 2 b so graphic but they do
  9. Craig Well Known Member Member

    can u help me out again guys c the algae wafers when i drop me of those in do i take it out if she doesnt eat it all or do i just leave it ??? please help thanks C W
  10. fishfreak Member Member

    it should be fine do u have corys or shrimp the would eat it.

  11. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i dont have a cory cat yet and i dont hav any shrimp
  12. fishfreak Member Member

    it should okey if ever do get any cories u wouldnt have to worrie about feeding them but your sucker fish eat over a period of time
  13. fletch Member Member

    I noticed that too Craig. Im glad its not just mine thats a poo machine
  14. Craig Well Known Member Member

    all the time u look at it and its crappin i mean whats goin on like!!! :mad:
  15. fishfreak Member Member

    yea they do that alot i use to have one. ;D
  16. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i think my sucker fish is also havin trouble findin the algae wafer i drop in
  17. Craig Well Known Member Member

    what do i do guys will i just drop 1 in maybe half of 1 let her find then just leave it in 4 her 2 nibble at?? it is that ok?? scared of the ammonia levels goin up u c leavin food in? but the filter should take it in shouldnt it ahhhh i dont know so many questions sum1 please help me??? :'(lol
  18. Craig Well Known Member Member

    what do u think guys?
  19. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Just drop the wafer in at lights out, and she should easily find it.