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    common name - anacharis, freshwater seaweed, elodea

    proper name - egeria densa

    origin - south america Mexico, North America, East Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe

    category - Stem

    care level - extremely easy

    lighting needs - can grow with almost any light source, I have successively grown it in low, mild, high, and extremely high light with it doing well in all of the light sources

    temperature - 28 - 82 from personal experience, it does much better in lower temperatures and should be in a max of 74 degress

    position in aquascape - mid to backround as this is a fairly tall aquarium plant

    PH - these are extremely invasive plant sin the wild being most adaptive to high PH's and low PH's so as long as you dont go below 5.5 or above 8.2 your anacharis should do fairly well, likes higher PH

    hardness - it has been known to grow in a fairly large range from soft to hard water but so as you dont go above 23 you should be fine

    propogation - it is propagated from small cuttings of the stems

    needs added Co2 - no but will most certainly benefit from it

    needs added fertilizers - no but will most certainly benefit from it, if you do decide to add extra ferts, make sure that you add liquid ones as root tabs will become useless as this plant is a water root feeders, as in it obtains most of its nutrients from the water roots that it sprouts out of the sides of the plant

    bio - anacharis is a very popular aquarium plant that is readily found at most places that sell aquarium plants. this plant has small slender, green leaves that range in the hundreds on one stem, if planted correctly in a compact position it can almost look like a very attracting underwater bush. I recommend that you plant it this way as it looks magnificent, the fish love it, it helps protect fry, and it helps with establishing territory among the fish. this plant appears like underwater seaweed almost, it has a very pretty dark green color to its body. it also grows to enormous heights under the right conditions meaning tall tank, etc. anacharis it is almost like a huge ammonia, and nitrite mop. it will clean the tank water, but dont depend on this plant for water changes or perfect water conditions, it will help but not do everything for you.


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