anacharis at higher temps?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by midthought, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Hello all. :;hi1 Does anyone have any experience with anacharis in warmer tanks? Say 78 and up?

    I'm currently warming up my betta's tank in an effort to combat ich (or what I think is ich) and am afraid the anacharis in there will melt at 84-86. Should I pluck them and house them elsewhere? If I do pluck them temporarily, will they be okay in a tank that's normally 80?
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    Anacharis can grow comfortably till 82.5 degrees... Convinietly ich dies at 82.4. I doubt anacharis will melt substantially at 84 I would aim for 83-84 and you should be fine. (thats for optimal growth)...

    Anacharis is also grown in ponds at temperatures of up to 90 degrees where it doesn't thrive,,however it also doesn't melt. Long story short if your not growing the Anacharis for profit then you should be fine.

    Optimal Temp for Anacharis: 59-82 (remember this is optimal)
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    Not for profit, that's for sure. :) Thanks! I'm a bit relieved now.
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    No problem :)