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  1. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    I hate black water tanks, because I hate that brown water, but I love the look of the botanicals and leaf litter - plus I had like $40 worth of botanicals that I didn't want to waste and so much wood and rocks that I wasn't using. (I have bins and buckets full of hardscape) I also wanted to try something unique and I saw a post on instagram from dannisfishies about a gourami biotope tank. I did my own!

    I will post its progress here.

    20 Gallon Long (The biggest tank I have, sadly)

    Went from this....

    20 gall 2.jpg
    To this...


    Planned stocking was...

    2 Honey Gourami
    3 Sparkling Gourami
    5 - 6 Dwarf Gold Barbs
    Unknown Number of Asian Stone / Mini Moth catfish

    Couldn't find everything I wanted.

    Ended up getting...

    1 Honey Gourami
    2 Croaking Gourami
    5 Gold Barbs (Not dwarf)
    3 Ghost Shrimp

    The tank with the Asian Stone / Mini Moth catfish was under QT so I couldn't get any of those.

    I ended up putting one of my female bettas in the tank
    Here she is playing in the botanicals

    biotype.jpg biotype2.jpg

    I haven't added the Gold Barbs yet.

    I also saw at a different LFS that they had the Sunset Honey Gourami, vs the regular coloration that I bought.

    I also want to still get something for the bottom. Maybe one more honey gourami. Not sure how ideal this stocking is though. I wish I had a 33 Long so I could add more fun things lol.

    There are more botanicals on the way, and I may add some more wood as well.

  2. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    It looks amazing! i could only imagine how it would look being a 33...Nice job!!

  3. wrs2 Well Known Member Member


    I wonder though if sand like that would’ve looked better? That’s the sand from my 5.5 g black water nano.

  4. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    76AC8309-8E9C-43C2-A4BB-EF5AF56C0953.jpeg 85ABAA67-2A66-48A4-AA35-651EF57B49E4.jpeg 08602BF0-4030-4DD6-8858-68A82A7678D8.jpeg F1A9A870-68E1-497C-8E57-B144FC2DE45C.jpeg 89F31424-3912-457E-BC46-660D299D564E.jpeg DC6ED694-6795-487D-B7B4-9599EDBE14D5.jpeg B8F75CD0-3C7A-403A-938A-1A20368507A9.jpeg

    More random pics. I tried to get pictures of the inhabitants, but they are a bit shy! You may be able to see one of the two croaking gourami hiding under the filter.

    I also may add something else to the right hand side of the tank. The anubias obviously doesn’t fit the Asia theme and it needs more wood.

  5. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    Did some moving around of things!


    Took out one fake plant, moved the other, replaced most of the lava rock with rover rocks, added two new pieces of wood, as well as a couple new plants.
    I had a 3rd piece of wood that I wanted to add but it was massive and wouldn't fit. It probably would look great in a SA themed tank though, it just gives me that vibe haha.

    That amazon sword is looking like , so I need to remove that as well, but I have nothing to replace it, so it stays for now! I need some more small branches of wood and botanicals, which are on their way.
  6. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    90C51DA7-7DC3-4427-ACCE-CA594AE8DD8C.jpeg B28B3AA7-BEDB-4C2B-8BAF-6EB8D332D36A.jpeg 7928B0AC-2CD6-4CAA-825B-1AA78F1AD678.jpeg 366E5D9F-8B7E-4C1C-B014-F0ED8AA4FC24.jpeg 34DC8136-EC13-4F5E-974D-5BB26ACD3A0D.jpeg 02987C47-68BF-44C9-AB6D-2B0DB1ECE8B8.jpeg

    It looks like the croaking gourami are both males. I wanted to get a 3rd one but I think that that may not be the best idea with two males.

    The honey is a girl, so I will be getting another, but the sunset color morph.

    I really want to add a Pearl Gourami as I know they are more peaceful, but the tank isn’t that big and I don’t want issues!

    Also considering the good barbs. I see PetCo sells them for only 1.99 which is less than what I paid for them yesterday. Cry!
  7. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    Today I got that 2nd Honey Gourami, the sunset color morph. They had two females, but I got a male. Also added in 3 of the 5 golden barbs that I could catch.
    They also had a sparkling gourami. I purchased him. I wanted to put him in my 10 gallon, but when I went to catch my Apisto that was in there and move him to a 20 gallon, I noticed that the tank was a total mess. I am putting him in this tank for the night. I pray that he will be okay with these other gouramis. I know the honeys will be fine with him. Maybe I shouldn't.... I have no clue.
  8. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    gourami-52819.png gourami-52819b.png

    Just some quick pics of the new guys!
    Maybe tomorrow the other gold barbs will make their way in and I can snap a pic of the Sparkling Gourami. I honestly don't think the larger ones will hurt it, but maybe chase. There are so many hiding places though. Also, I believe that one of the Croaking Gourami is actually a girl, as I think i saw her ovaries. So now I have 1M and 1F of both types of gourami.
  9. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    The little sparkling gourami hiding among the leaves and java fern! He's adorable!
  10. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    06/02/2019 UPDATE:

    Added some more wood, moved things around a tiny bit and added some more plants.
    Tomorrow some more Botanicals will be arriving to be added to the tank in the coming days!
    All the fish seem to be doing well, getting along fine, and are always out and visible.

    gourami-060219.png gourami-060219b.png
  11. SuperD14 Valued Member Member

    Tanks looking great!!, not worried about overstocking? Or what filter do you run?
  12. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    It only has 8 fish in the tank. And I run Aqueon Quiet 45 so it has plenty of filtration.
  13. SuperD14 Valued Member Member

    Oh okay sorry, my bad.
  14. wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    Okay, maybe it's 11 lol. But still, I think that that is still lightly stocked. Especially in comparison to some of my other tanks. I may have over done it on some schooling fish...
  15. SuperD14 Valued Member Member

    I’m sure it’ll be fine
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