An Unlikely Ghost Shrimp Problem


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Koiman said:
Just looked up what a whisker shrimp was, that looks to be what I had. Both shrimp species look quite similar though.
Easiest way to tell is by the red dots on the tail and red rings on the legs (the front claws are the next thing, on whisker shrimp they will be as long as the body of the shrimp or long, while ghosts front claw are under the length of their body). Ghost will eat fish but they generally wait for them to either being so weak they can't swim away or already dead, while whisker (and amano) will attack healthy and sick fish without trouble, whisker will do it even if they are being fed, amano generally only do it when they aren't being fed the right things.
To have bred some of them means they are adapted to the water but also that they are stronger than most ghost shrimp from a pet store (since they are raised as feeders they don't get the best care, the ones that come into my local petco the water is normally yellow).
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