An Introduction....*bites nails*


A big HELLO to you all, from sunny (cold, wet and windy) Kent, UK!

I have been a member here for a little while and have to say, it’s a great forum!
I love to read through, but thought I had better introduce myself properly before I barrage you all with silly questions

My name is Amanda, although most people call me Stits. I’m 25, slightly unhinged and live in a tiny rabbit hutch sized home, with my two monstrous wonderful children, 4 cats and my beautiful 40G freshwater planted aquarium.

I have always loved keeping fish and have done so pretty much all of my life, as my father also had a passion for it.

I have always kept cichlids in the past, but when I was gifted with my large tank in June, I decided to try my hand at keeping other fish (although I still cannot resist cichlids). My current stock is as follows....

1 Synodontis Brichardi
4 Kuhli(Coolie) Loaches
2 Endler Guppies
1 Bolivian Ram
2 Siamese Flying Foxes
1 Buenos Aires Tetras
2 Angelfish (babies)
Several snails

I realize that Angels do not make the best community fish and figure I may have to move them to a single species environment when they are older, should they start to get aggressive toward their tank mates.

I figure than my tank is probably slightly understocked at the moment and I’d like to have a couple more fishy friends in there, but apart from being unable to decide what to get, I am experiencing a few problems and don’t feel it would be wise to introduce any further fish at this time.

Additionally I have three other tanks 15g, 10 gallon and 6g, two of which are currently empty and the other (6g) set up as a quarantine tank.

....Ooooh I’m rambling!

Ahem....Anyway, I pleased to greet you all and look forward to chatting to you soon.


Welcome to Fishlore and ask away we are always glad to help with any questions you have or problems being experienced.


Welcome to FishLore...glad to have you

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Thank you for the welcome!

I do hope someone will be able to shed some light on the problem I'm having....I shall post it in the relevant section shortly.

Thank you again!


Welcome to FishLore!!!


Welcome! You are lucky that your father has a passion for fish. ;D
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Thank you for the kind welcome!

I am lucky indeed, Stradius.

My father loved Cichlids and kept them almost exclusively. We had Keyholes, Acaras, Oscars, Midas, Convicts, Severum, Festive, Angels, Firemouths and Discus in a vast array of tanks from 2 to 6 foot in length. I was always facinated by our 'Tank room' when I was a child and used to spend a great deal of time just sitting in there, learning about all the different fish....I still remember the latin names for all of them!

We kept reptiles too and over time thanks appeared in almost every room of our house....I'm sure some of His friends thought my father to be quite mad. ;D ;D


welcome to what I think is an awesome site thease guysand gals know everything about fish


I love your introduction and I'm glad to have you with us Welcome to Fish Lore!
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Gosh! Thank you, I'm pleased to be here! *blush*

I know I have really only been an active member here for like 2 days (the rest of the time I've been reading through threads....and getting addicted to the Fish Tycoon game ;D), but I'm really liking it. You guys have a great atmosphere in this forum and what a support network! WOW!

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you guys(and your fish families) better.




Glad to meet you, wish you the best of luck.


Welcome to Fishlore, love your selection of fish.. wish we could send some tropical sunshine your way in Kent but we're still smackdab inside hurricane season, so we've been getting some weird weather lately, the last coupla days have been so rainy that several parts of Trinidad have been under flood-waters.. ah well, at least we can swim if needs be.


Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us! You will love it here! ;D

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