An allergy?

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Hey everyone.

A few weeks ago I bought my first 2 ADF's. (They're in quarantine now.)

I've been feeding them frozen bloodworms and intend to buy some other frozen foods for more nutritional variety.

In the last 2 weeks, I've had a pretty terrible rash that spread from my chest to down my arms, up my neck, to my ears, down my stomach and is now on my legs. It started out as what I thought was measles or chicken pox, but mostly now, the spots aren't that bad, but the itch is still there. If I scratch, it turns into welts like hives.

I can't figure out what is causing it. I saw a doctor but they were pretty useless, they glanced at me and said, "eczema." I honestly do not think this is eczema, I get it on my arms sometimes and this is completely different. I also do not think eczema spreads.

I know that some people have severe reactions to bloodworms. But I haven't read of anyone having it like I do-sort of all over and consistent for weeks, and not just after handling. I don't touch the worms directly, I cut a bit off and "pour" it into a small container to thaw, then pour that into the water for the frogs. But when I clean the water..of course I come into contact with the water. After touching the water or getting the worms ready, I never noticed a worsening of my symptoms.

I've been taking some Reactine because I get allergies to pollen etc, normally in the summer but the winter has been so mild that it's been bothering my since the end of january. If it was an allergy..wouldn't the Reactine help? Or is a quarter of one not enough for skin allergies?

Could it be the frogs?

I don't know what to think, any input? Experiences? Good links? (I googled but pretty much all that came up was links to forums discussing this)

Thanks everyone. I hope this isn't totally out of place for the site!

(I've had my betta for about 2 years now and have always fed him a freeze dried bloodworm now and then as a treat, seemingly without issue..but I know allergies can suddenly develop or worsen)

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Hello Trinket...

The owner of my LFS (not so local an hour away) has a severe allergy to blood worms. He cannot even be in contact with the bag they come in.

Hopefully you'll get some responses today. Sorry that you're all itchy! I've used GoldBond Medicated Powder on rashes before and it seemed to help and get rid of the rash.

Could it be the frogs? hmmmmmm not a clue. With people being allergic to cats and dogs I guess it could be possible.

I hope you get to feeling better and that you find the cause of your rash.

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I've move this thread to "general discussion," as "hot topics" is for debatable ideas, such as the evolution of aquarium fish.

Not saying that this is what you've got, but when I was a kid, I developed a horrible reaction to a strain of the cold. I ended up with hives that doubled the width of my wrists. I had rashes all over my body.
Your reaction could be to nearly anything. About the only way to verify is to cease contact with potential allergens.
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I am no doctor, just throwing ideas out but I believe frogs do have a coat that protects their skin and maybe you're allergic to that. Like said above, the only way you could find out is by eliminating possible allergens one by one.

Try wearing long gloves when you perform maintenance on the frogs tank, see if that helps. Other than that, no idea what to suggest
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Thanks everyone. I'll start wearing gloves when I can find some and see if that makes a difference.
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I have a box of latex gloves that I have to wear when dosing my tanks with certain medications (my own medication allergies didn't even cross my mind before I had a reaction). They should be two hard to find. I don't know what kind of an area you're in but if you need a glove that's full arm length. You could try either a large animal vet clinic or a farm supply store. They sell "sleeves" that we use for pulling calves and stuff. If you put a rubber band around the top you'd be-able to play in your tanks as much as you want. A latex glove over the outside of for your hand helps if you find it hard to maneuvering things with it on.

Hope you figure out the cause soon.

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They also make reusable shoulder-length gloves and sell them on aquarium supply websites. Those would also be good if it turns out you have a latex allergy (which is fairly common).
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The long sleeves are plastic not latex But the aquarium ones may be more useful.
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Ah, got it. I see.
When I worked in fast food, I saw elbow-length latex gloves. I thought that's what you were talking about. Going back and reading, though, I get what you meant.
The thing I like about is that they're reusable. However, I've used a version of the disposable ones (likely a lot lighter weight than the ones you're used to... we used them for things like mixing the coleslaw at KFC or keeping your hands dry while doing the dishes), and they're not bad, though I wish I had thought of the trick of putting the latex glove on the outside for better dexterity.
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I'm sorry to hear this, sounds like you got some good responses, hope you can figure this all out soon. (My brother used to have eczema, so I know how awful it can be if your symptoms are similar to what he used to have.)
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Could it be the bloodworms or other foods you're feeding them? I've read a couple of threads before from people who had a reaction to bloodworms.

BTW- Aqua Gloves are great, and I have a pair that I've used many times. If you're doing something that requires any sort of dexterity, though, not so good... the rubber part where your hands go is really thick!
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I just did some google and the sleeves are refered to as OB sleeves here are a couple that I found on online ag supply stores for reference.

As for the gloves:
Here are some allergy free Nitrile gloves (I have the blue ones)

The latex glove over top of the sleeve helps with dexterity.

Don't know if these links help or not.
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HI Trinket.

For the past 6 months I've been dealing with the same exact thing you have described. I too have been told Eczema and having had that in the past, I knew it was not. My husband and I set up an aquarium - guess when - 6 months ago! Nothing fancy, we have fantails. I have now determined that its the fish food that I react too. I can't touch it in anyway without getting a rash that pops up anywhere and everywhere. The itching is INTENSE. The food we use is Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan - it doesn't have an ingredients list so I have no idea what's in it, but I know that is the culprit. The only thing that has worked in stopping the rash is a steroid cream called Dermovate. I also have taken antihistamines that help take the edge off the itchiness. Sorry you're having trouble, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one!

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