An actual TON of white worms


I’m coming to the end of a fishless cycle (Shrimp method) in a heavily planted 20gallon long. I have a snail problem and now I am noticing thousands of tiny white worms which are not super wiggly and are not only on my glass but also in the water column. I do have algae and dead shrimp as an ammonia source so I’m hoping it’s just a ton of detritus worms but I’m worried they may be planaria. Please help



Yah I think you are right it is detritus worms. Mainly due to cycling with shrimp and there's not any fish to eat up the excess food or the worms. I find if I accidentally over feed I get some worms like that.


They are detritus worms. I wouldn't worry about them. As the tank finds equilibrium you will see certain species propagate and die off.

When you add fish to the tank they will probably eat detritus worms and planaria worms off of surfaces. If you add only shrimp you need to watch out for white planaria worms because they will harm young shrimp.

If worms persist consider feeding less and also getting a snail (Mystery, Inca) to work on the leftovers for your tank.
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