Amputation To Full Regeneration

  1. W

    Why me Valued Member Member

    So my bichir lost his whole left fin ( including the fleshy bit) but I read an article and it said juveniles could regenerate. Unlike most fish species. And it has to an extent. I was wondering why this species and has anyone else had this predicament?

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  2. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    How on earth did he lose a fin
  3. OP

    Why me Valued Member Member

    Idk. He was with a albino bichir. Ghost shrimp and I swear a tire track slipped into the tank. Which the employee crushed with a rock. So maybe he crushed the fin

    All I know is that they’re was blood in the bag and the fin was missing. Probably still in the tank it was kept in