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    I have a 24"x12"x12" tank which has been running for 10 days with one swordtail in it. With a few plants just starting to grow. I put some filter waste in from my other small tank.
    I have done a 10% water change yesterday.
    I have some 5 in 1 tetra test strips, which show nitrate less then 12 (was 40) and nitrite zero (was 2, 2 days ago)
    GH 5, KH 3, Ph 6.5
    I think they are all ok, but I dont have any amonia tests, do these come in strips?

    Many thanks
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    Ammonia should be the first thing tested. Nitrite and Nitrate are equally important. There are many things that comprise your tanks water chemistry that can be tested, some that can not very easily. Test these three on at least a weekly basis for tank health , piece of mind and longer lasting fish. Enjoy! ;)
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    if you have readings of 12 ppm nitrate and 0 ppm nitrite then its almost definite you have 0 ppm amonia... i dont even test for nitrite or amonia in an established aquarium just because 99.9% of the time if you are testing a well established aquarium that you didnt just throw a million fish in you will have readings of 0 nitrite and amonia...

    The test strips are kinda crappy ( dont work well ) so i reccomend getting the test kit pleco reccomended (same one i use). You can get it from 15-30$ at most places although i have seen it higher. Check on its 14.99 there. If you are going to start new aquariums you will need an amonia test kit.
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    I agree with Jon - if this is established tank, and you other readings are that good, you probably have 0 ppm of ammonia as well. BUT that doesn't mean you shouldn't test ;) you should always test, just in case. There are alot of factors that could cause changes in ammonia levels (some you wouldn't even think about, really) ;)