Ammonia won't go back down

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by Kent799, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Kent799New MemberMember

    For the last three days my ammonia has been at .25 in my 15 gallon tank.
    Other readings:
    Nitrite - 0
    Nitrate - 10
    pH - 7.6

    I have done two 25% water change with adding water conditioner. I don't know if I messed up my cycle or what. But the last 25% water change that I did my angelfish started acting weird. They were just swimming at the top for probably a good 4 hours after the water change. Their behavior is back to normal now but I don't know if the two water changes stressed them out. I'm scared to keep doing water changes in case it is stressing them out. Any advice? I'm wondering if I need to change my water conditioner and go get Prime since I hear so much about it. Also, my tap water tests at 0 for ammonia.
  2. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    This tank was cycled before, right? I mean, you're not cycling it right now.

    15 gallons is pretty small for 4 angelfish. It could be that they're feeling the crunch and they are producing more waste than your filter can handle.
  3. OP

    Kent799New MemberMember

    Yes, the tank is cycled. That's why I'm thinking I might have messed up my cycle or I guess it could be going through a mini cycle.

    My angelfish are juveniles. They are around a dime size and will be moving over to my 110 gallon tank in a month or so.
  4. DNANew MemberMember

    I have the exact same problem. My ammonia disappeared then came back as a very small amount and now won't disappear?
    What causes this and how is it fixed?
  5. pitbull_ncValued MemberMember

    A lot of times this can be caused by your tank going into a mini cycle. What can cause this is if you rinse your beneficial bacteria off of all your filters or media. It could also just simply be that the tank is a little small for 4 angels and your tank is having trouble keeping up with the bioload. The last and final option I would say is if any of your fish are new to the aquarium that it could just be your tank adjusting to the new bioload.
  6. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I would try to find the prime to do your water changes with. Or amquel+ works also. If you have the angels and the gouramis in the tank together, its probably just a tank you need to do frequent water changes on to keep up with the ammonia issues. I hope everything works out!

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