Ammonia won't drop in fish less cycle

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    I am currently trying to fish less cycle my 20 gallon aquarium. I initially dosed the tank up to 4ppm with Ace Janitorial Strength Ammonia. I also treated the water with Seachem Prime and am running a filter. It is now 22 days later and nothing has changed. My ammonia is still at 4ppm and there is no sign of nitrites or nitrates. My pH is at 7.6 and has been that way since day one. The temperature of the tank is around 83 degrees. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any established media. It seems as though I should have some sort of a change in readings by now. Is this normal? Should I just give things some more time? Any help would be appreciated!
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    The problem may be the high ammonia. Do a 50% wc and bring it down to around 2 ppm. Then dose Prime for the whole tank volume. Add Seachem Stability 30 minutes later and you're good to go.

    Also what filter are you running? Some filters contain media that allow bacteria to adhere to more easily.

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    Oh I see you got a starter kit. Most starter kits come with underrated filters and heaters. The flow rate for filter should be 8-10x GPH of tank size. The heater should be 5x watts.

    The Aqueon Quietflow 10 you have is 100 GPH.
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    Agreed ^^ the Quietflow 10 I would only use on my 10g tank (I have a bunch of quietflow filters). In a tank that size I would do two 20's or a 30. I'm always partial to two filters vs one for backup purposes. But, if you plan on ever upgrading to a 30g or larger then go with the quietflow 30 as the quietflow 20 won't fit over the rim of a tank larger then a 20g. I found this out the hard way so now I have an abundance of filters!

    Also, without adding in some sort of bacteria in a bottle like Seachem Stability, it is not surprising to me that you don't have nitrites yet after a few weeks. Sometimes it can take a long time and can be very frustrating! The stability will do wonders for you.