ammonia.... what the heck...

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    beckers4oranges Member Member

    i have a every interesting situation here... i tested my 50 gallon, my two ten gallons and the betta bowl...the tests all came out clear but my concern and why im because the betta bowl read about .50 ammonia, the 50 gallon was at 0...the two 10 gallons are 2.0 and 4.0... the 4.0 has the fish in it and they look perfectly fine....the one with 2.0 is the one were i had fish fish has died in the 4.0 tank... the betta bowl is tiny...3/4 gallon...but the nitrate reads lower......i am confused...
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    dahly Member Member

    Amount of fish, by size, per gallon of water. How much is fed. How often are water changes, gravel vac's. Live plants. Water conditioners/amounts. Sun light. These are some/most of the things that could be affecting your water chemistry. Good luck.