29 Gallon Tank Ammonia Spikes


Alright so my aquarium keeps having ammonia spikes. I don't know why. Can a cycled tank just stop being cycled? I haven't really seen any significant levels of nitrates anymore which makes no sense. I only see the ammonia for the most part. I had to do a significant water change last night to get rid of the ammonia. Ive had my tank set up for idk 3 months now. My most recent water test was .25 ammonia 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate. That was after my last water change. I didnt do a test before hand but my fish were all hanging out near the top taking breaths at the surface so I immediately did a water change. Should I just add more good bacteria? I always feed near the same amounts.


If you don’t have any nitrate than your tank is definently not cycled, I would suggest waterchanges and prime water conditioner at up to 4x the dosage depending on the amount of ammonia and nitrite in your water

Prime detoxifies nitrite and ammonia so you should be able to cycle your tank with fish with minimal losses this way.
If ammonia is 2ppm dose prime Twice just for example

As for what caused the loss of the bacteria I do not know and you would have to recount almost every single change to the tank within the past month or so,
Things like temp, waterchange schedule, your water source parameters at the time of your most recent water change. Any other variables and Things like that.

Don’t worry about over dosing on prime because it says on the bottle it is safe up too 5x dosage.

If you don’t use prime you will have to do frequent and potentially daily waterchanges until your tank is cycled again (about a month) and keep the ammonia and nitrite wayyyy lower than 2ppm thereby slowing down your cycling process.

Good luck!


did you clean your filter or change your filter media or filter cartridge?

if no, then did anything change before you notice the fish breathing at the surface?

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