Ammonia Question During Fishless Cycle

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by Last Triumph, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Last TriumphNew MemberMember

    Hi all, new member seeking some guidance.

    I've set up a 150 litre new tank from scratch and I'm 10 days into a fish-less cycle.

    Some basic info:

    150 litre tank
    1,150 l/per hr canister filter
    7.2 pH
    6 dH GH
    4 dH KH
    No plants yet
    Cycle temp 30 dC
    Ammonia source - Waterlife (SeAquariums) Bio-Mature

    My questions is - how often should I be adding the ammonia?

    The reason I ask is that by following the instructions to achieve 5 mg/l, by adding he correct amount once a day, after a couple of days, the ammonia level was dropping back to zero within a a few hours.

    This went on a few days but the nitrites failed to increase above 0.1 mg/l.

    I am assuming this is due to high capacity filtration I have?

    To combat this, I'm having to add ammonia to the tank at least twice a day to stop the ammonia reaching zero, which after a few days, I'm finally seeing the nitrites starting to rise, which I guess is good news.

    Nitrates are still similar to tap water, so I know I'm still only at the second stage.

    Am I correct to keep the ammonia at or close to 5 mg/l until after the nitrite spike has occurred?

    It just seems like I'm adding an awful lot of ammonia just to keep the levels up as directed.

    If I get the Ammonia to 5 mg/l and don't add any more, it will be zero within 6 hours and the nitrite then fails to rise.

    Could do with some pointers as to bet practice to ensure a successful cycle.

    Is my large filtration the reason for having to add so much ammonia to keep levels up?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    Sorry, but I'm a bit confused. 5mg of ammonia per liter? Do you mean 5ppm of ammonia? 5mg per liter sounds like straight poison.
  3. Last TriumphNew MemberMember

    Sorry, got my units confused, yes, 5ppm back to zero in a few hours.
    Tested nitrite earlier and it's about the same at 5ppm.
    Nitrates are beginning to rise at abut 50-75ppm now.

    Is a single dose of ammonia per day sufficient until nitrites fall away, even though this means the ammonia level will be zero for about 18 hours a day?

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