20 Gallon Tank Ammonia not processing after nitrite spike ended


I hate to post a cycling question but I want reassurance Started to cycle on Feb 26 with liquid ammonia. Temp at 82.

Had nitrites show on 3.9.

Nitrites tested 0 this morning.

My ammonia has been at 2ppm since 3.22 and I'm not sure if it's processing. I have a hard time reading the 2 and 4 on API master test kit, so it may have been at 4 a few days ago. I did accidentally add too much ammonia on 3.22 (not sure how much). It's at 2 today. Question is, would it be possible for the BB to fail somewhere and now my ammonia is stuck, or am I overreacting and it's taking its time since it had too much ammonia added? I am so excited to add crayfish to this tank and to think that something could go wrong when I'm this close sucks!



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