Ammonia,Nitrite and Nitrate reading what should i do? Question

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    I know this question was posted by many but i couldn't find them, this is my first week of cycling for my 10g Tank and it has 6 Danios in it.I took the reading using API Master test kit, here are the reading

    ammonia = 0.25
    nitrite = between 2 - 5 i would say 3
    nitrate = 0
    water PH = 8

    I am not sure what to do now, i thinking of changing 25% water change today, is it what i have to do or please suggest .


  2. Lucy

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    Your duplicate thread has been deleted. It's only necessary to have one thread for a question.
    It'll be easier for you to keep track of responses and for the other members to know what's already been suggested.

    Ammonia and nitrites are toxic to your fish, so daily water changes would be a good idea until the tank is cycled (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites with some nitrates showing).
    If you use Prime as your water conditioner, it'll detox the ammonia for 24 hours between changes.

    Good luck!
  3. OP

    parvataneniValued MemberMember

    So you mean to say do 25% water change today and add prime to the water? i used superbac nitrifying bacteria when i setup my tank on day, do you think i have to use prime to control ammonia and Nitrite ?

    Thanks for deleting my other thread
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    I'm not familiar with that SuperBac, although I have seen it mentioned on here in the past.

    What do the instructions on the Supoerbac say to do?

    If you need to add it on a regular basis then it most likely has terrestrial bacteria that is not self sustaining. If that is the case I would recommend you stop using it and start doing daily 40%-50% water changes with Prime until cycled.

    On the other hand if it contains Aquatic bacteria (and only needs to be added once) I would just do what the instructions recommend.
  5. bass master

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    bacteria cultures like the one you added are meant to speed up the cycle, it can still take a while to fully complete the cycle, you should probably go ahead and read up on the nitrogen cycle (click the blue underlined words). Stick with Lucy's advice and do about a 25% water change today, and then continue those water changes daily along with prime until your levels come down but even then you need to be sure to change the water weekly
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    Also, do you have an extra tank for your danios once its finished cycling. They are extremely active fish and need a much larger tank. I've done that before and I learn my lesson not to add danios in such a small tank. ><

    Good luck with your cycling though and keep us updated. :)
  7. OP

    parvataneniValued MemberMember

    alright i did 30% water change with prime, i will look at the reading tomorrow and post them once again.

    Thanks all for your help
  8. OP

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    On monday i did test the water reading i see it as

    ammonia 0.50
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates 20


    Ammonia 0.25
    Nitrites 5
    Nitrates 0

    what does this mean ? are my fish in trouble changing water will just fix the problem.. please let me know what i have to do for coming week ... LFS person asked me to use Superbac Live Nitrifying Bacteria on day one when i started the tank with 6 danios and since then i am feeeding the fish once a day with flakes or pellets they seems to be happy and playing around all times and i maintain the temperature around 75 all times.

    Please suggest i am little confused and really new to fish hobby i cant see my fish die because i have no experience in keeping them.

    I really appreciate all the people here who are helping me till now.

    Attached is the picture of my fish tank, please let me know if i need to add more plants to it.

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  9. Lucy

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    Cute tank!

    Couple of things may be going on.
    The #2 nitrate bottle has to be really banged around. Rap it against the table and shaken. It contains crystals which can be really hard to mix, otherwise, you could get a false 0 reading.
    Or Superbac is processing the ammonia into nitrites, but doesn't contain the right bacteria that makes your tank self sustaining and dying off.
    I'm pretty leary of bacterial additives.
  10. OP

    parvataneniValued MemberMember

    Thank you

    You guessed it right for Nitrate i forgot to shake the bottle #2 when adding that could be the reason, so how about the Nitrites what should i do to bring it down ?
  11. Prince Powder

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    Ok from what I've read about Superbac on their website I've gotten this:
    It contains two bacteria strains, Nitrosomonas which converts ammonia into nitrite, and Nitrobacter to convert nitrite into nitrate.

    Now Tetra Safe Start is the one bacterial additive which I can personally attest to and thoroughly believe contains the correct bacteria for cycling a tank. When compared with TSS the Nitrsomonas is the correct bacteria hence the reason your ammonia is going down. However, Nitrobacter is not the correct bacteria. It is an aquatic bacteria and for quite some time was believed to be the correct bacteria, however it is now known that the correct bacteria for converting nitrite into nitrate in a cycled aquarium is actually Nitrospira and Nitrosospira. Since the Superbac contains Nitrobacter rather than Nitrospira and Nitrosospira the product will not introduce the correct bacteria to convert your nitrite.

    Since you will basically be starting your Nitrospira colony from scratch I would recommend doing daily water changes with Prime until you are cycled.
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