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Hi everyone. I'm a beginner and have already made many mistakes. I got a 10 gal tank and only had it set up for 2 days before adding 3 guppies. In two months, I've lost 7. 2 are left. All males, and slight fin nipping going on. I have 2 moss balls, heater (76-80 degrees) and have stupidly changed the filter cartridge after 1 month. After starting with the paper test strips, I finally went to the liquid. The past week and a half have shown the ammonia levels at .50 and the ph is on the higher end. It's a medium blue, so I'm guessing it's over the 7.6 light blue the manual shows. I've done daily 20-25% water changes, using Prime, Topfin Nitrifying bacteria starter, and stress coat. Two days ago I started adding Seachem Stability. Nothing has changed. I'm not feeding as much. One little guy is hiding most of the day. A lot of times when he is out he is resting on something until its time to eat. I'm using mostly tap water. Have used bottled drinking water. A lot of these forums are talking over my head. Still learning about the cycle. Desperate for help. Offer advice on a dummy level, please.o_O Nitrites & Nitrates at 0.
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