Ammonia Burns

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    I have a question but here is some background

    Today was a sad but also progressive day. I am extremely ill but I dragged myself to the tank early in the morning because my fish mom senses were tingling. He now has a touch of burn on his gills :(.the perameters were PH 6.6-6.8 temp 84 (this made me soooo happyyyyy but this made me sad) the ammonia was 2! My nitrites were .5 and I had no nitrates..... risking a nosebleed and a possible trip to the hospital I changed that water as fast as possible. I did a 50% water change, vacuumed the sand checked on the snail and each of my plants. I re tested the water and I luckily had gotten rid of all the nitrites and got ammonia down to 0.25. My ph went up but that's because of The water I used. The nitrates obviously stayed the same. I am proud of a few things here. 1 my temp went down 2 degrees because I rigged the tank a bit. 2. I realized what was happening and knew how to fix the immediate danger. And 3. I did somthing for my baby even though it was really stupid to do it (cleaning the tank on my own.)

    But to my question. Are the ammonia burns on his gills going to cause any problems in the immediate future and is there anything I can do to help him through this obvious bad time. He acts like he is fine, he loves to play still and he acts the same as when my tank was cycled.

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    I hope you feel better soon!

    Just keep up with water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite below 0.5 and try to make sure the new water is the same temperature and Ph.

    Also what type of fish? Betta maybe?
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    Ugh - sorry you are still so sick. I have been watching YouTube fish keeping videos & I have seen that Rachel O'Leary has one on ammonia burns, so maybe check that out? Sounds like parameters are safe again. Get some sleep?
  4. AllySaturn Valued Member Member

    I'm actually out and about and in a situation... I was in a pet store grabbing somthing and I have fallen for another betta boy.... my 5 splits into two halves and I'm debating

    He is beautiful and was following me. His neghbor is beautiful too but keeps flareing at me haha I usually have no issue saying no but now.....
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  5. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Personally I would leave him or get another tank. I don't think a 5 should be split. I think 2.5 gallons is too small and 5 is the minimum.