Ammonia 0ppm (fish In Cycle)

  1. BloonStuff

    BloonStuff Valued Member Member

    My aunt is currently running a fish in cycle and after two fish dying, she added an aquarium bomb and started doing daily testing and water changes.

    She's just messaged me saying her ammonia is 0ppm and asking should she still do a water change today? I just wanted to double check yes or no before I got back to her.

  2. Floundering_Around

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  3. OP

    BloonStuff Valued Member Member

    Ah, looks like I’m on the right track. I told her to check her other levels. Her nitrites ended up being 2ppm so she did a water change. Everything else was good. :)

    Good to have here to double check the advice before I give it out. Lol.