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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Saltfriends, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. SaltfriendsNew MemberMember

    I have a 50gl saltwater aquarium. Saltwater master test was all good, with the exception of amonia at 0.25. I was advised to use AMMO-CHIPS now the reading is worse. My amonia level is high, my nitrite, is high and now my nitrate is high. I'm confused can this be used or should I take this out before my fish die?
  2. Jayd976Well Known MemberMember

    How old is the tank and was it fully cycled?

    I would get rid of the chips and dose Prime. It will st least temporarily neutralize the ammonia to safer levels.

  3. SaltfriendsNew MemberMember

    Yes fully cycled. Tank is about 2 years old used before.
    Ok any particular "prime"?
  4. Jayd976Well Known MemberMember

    Seachem Prime. There’s only one. It’s a water conditioner that renders up to 1ppm ammonia safe for fish.
  5. SaltfriendsNew MemberMember

    I see posts about using this but it gets confusing. I tried to contact the manufacture to no avail. The details indicated on the container can be confusing as well.

    On,the container of AMMO-CHIPS its indicates on the front cover can be used for "any aquarium". However if you turn the container around it indicates in (benefits-section), "to, remove, amonia in fresh water aquarium".

    So,if this is for "any aquarium", how come it does not reinforce its statement in the back with freshwater confirmation.

    15245051611541968161642.jpg my anemone went from full bloom to shrival into a ball. Please some one I need an honest answer. I have little girls who care about these guys. Thank
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  6. Jayd976Well Known MemberMember

    As I said remove the ammo-chips and dose with prime to bring ammonia down. Removing the chips will likely reverse whatever I’ll effects they created. Prime will aid in rending the ammonia levels safe.
  7. SaltfriendsNew MemberMember

    Ok will do thanks.
  8. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Agreed... remove the chips. I've never heard of them and would be wary of adding anything to a reef tank that I couldn't get good information about and read some reviews on.

    For the future, the API ammonia kit always shows the slightest tinge of green when testing saltwater. I'm not saying for sure that you had zero ammonia, but it is a possibility.

    Can you do a water change in addition to getting Prime in the tank? Prime is great, but getting ammonia free water in the tank would be a huge help as well.
  9. SaltfriendsNew MemberMember


    There all back to life about an hour after I removed the AMMO-chips and I ran out and bough Prime; added that and look at them bloom. Thanks guys!
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  10. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Thank you for updating us! :) I'm so very glad your tank is going back to normal and hope your little girls are no longer worried. I know how that feels.;) Keep testing and perhaps prepare to do a water change in case of emergency.

    We'd love to know more about your tank. :)

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