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    I have a question about ammo-carb, has anyone used this product? The box says that it reduces dissolved toxins from fish waste and that it is a ammonia remover. Couldn't find any reviews any were. Tried to contact the manufacture and couldn't find any answers on if it removes all ammonia, that I dont want. Any info would be helpful.
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    Good morning Jayham26,

    I use the Marineland White Diamond Ammonia Neutralizing Crystals in my 265g tank. I have large fish and I"m fully stocked, but not over stocked. I've used it for many, many years, in various tanks replacing it every 4 weeks. I don't use it in my Goldie tank or my Betta tank. It just really isn't necessary. I feel like it's a safety net for me and my large fish. I have no scientific proof that it helps at all. I do water changes every 5 days and this is what I feel keeps my ammonia levels to 0 and by not being over stocked and not over feeding.

    This is not something that I recommend for most tanks. Ammonia can be kept under control via water changes and not over stocking your tanks. If you are over stocked and dealing with ammonia issues in a once cycled tank, then it wouldn't hurt to try it in addition to frequent water changes. This is not a substitute for water changes.

    I don't think too many of our members use it. Too, I feel that it should NOT be used on new tanks cycling for the first time. Personal choice just like using activated carbon (which I use also)

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    Morning aquarist48 the reason I asked the question is that I dont think my tank is overstocked, 20 gal. 3 gourami 2 platy 1 striped rachael, and I do a 20% water change every saturday but my ammonia levels change from zero to 1.0 every water change. I tested my tap when I first started the tank and found out that it comes out the tap at a level of almost 2.0. I also have high ph and hard water. The ph stays constant so Im not worried about that. I thought that ammo-carb would help this problem. I DID NOT use it when cycling the tank.
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    Good morning,

    Since your tank is only several (6)weeks old, I have a feeling the good bacteria in your tank isn't strong enough to take care of the ammonia from your tap and from the fish at the same time. Normally, when people have ammonia in their tap and add it to a well established tank, several months old, there isn't an ammonia issue. Due to the fact they have a lot of good strong bacteria.

    Personally, I don't feel like using the ammonia crystals or White Diamond will do any harm to your tank or to your cycle at this point. I would go ahead and add 1 cup of it to a media bag and place it somewhere in your tank or filter if you have room for it.

    I don't know what decorations you have in your tank, but I would recommend that you have some objects that are porous like Lava Rock or Terracotta pots. Anything porous will house more good bacteria and this is what I feel that your tank really needs. You can also stuff your filter full of sponges or bio cubes in addition to what came with the filter.

    Normally I would suggest daily water changes with Prime or Amquel + to detox the ammonia, but since ammonia is in your tap I don't know that it would do any good. Kind of like fighting a losing battle. Maybe until your tank is more established, you could use bottled Spring water or possibly think of using Reverse Osmosis water. Somehow the ammonia has to come out of there :)

    Also, I see that you are using test strips. These strips can be inaccurate and unreliable. I highly recommend the API (liquid) Master Test Kit.

    Let's see what other responses you receive.
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    Hi aquarist48
    I do have a diy rock wall back ground that I built with alot of hiding places and some what of a porous surface. I do have a sponge filter for my power head and a sponge in my filter media. I thought more the better. Maybe your right and my tank is not fully established yet, or my test strips suck. I'll get the liquid tester next time. I hear alot going wrong with test strips but my wife bought a load. Thanks
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    Water change is what needs to happen not ammonia removers try more cirrculation and frequent water changes sounds to me not enough flow to gravel or enough air to gravel that has the beneficial bacteria needed to grow your tank!
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    Hi stang man,

    I have a power head shooting towards the bottom and also have three air stones. I think there is good circulation. I do a 20% water change every saturday. When I was cycling the tank I did water changes every three days. Do you think more water changes than once a week is necessary?
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    Thanks aquarist48 it did help!
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    Yeah use amquel+ works good for that purpose!
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    Thanks Stang man I'll try it